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5 Common Wine Mistakes Everyone Makes

Common Wine Mistakes

02 Apr 5 Common Wine Mistakes Everyone Makes

Wine is a very elegant drink and in order to enjoy it the way it is meant to be, it will have to be stored right, opened at the right time, and served in the right type of glasses, with the right type of food. You have to know your reds from your whites and the sparkling wines have a distinct place of their own in this entire landscape. But there are also some common wine mistakes that many of us make when we embark upon our journey of discovering the nuances of wine.

Common Wine Mistakes

#1 Holding the Wine Glass Incorrectly

It seems logical and more comfortable to hold your glass at the bottom of its bowl, but this doesn’t really do much for the wine. There is a reason why these glasses have stems (yes we know that you can get ones without stems too). When you hold your wine glass by its stem, your body heat does not warm the liquid and it keeps the taste and aroma intact. The exact opposite occurs when you hold your glass incorrectly. In addition, when you hold your wine glass by its stem/base you are able to swirl the wine (which opens up the flavor)

#2 Serving Wine At The Incorrect Temperature

You may have seen some commercials in which white wine is served ice cold or red wine being served at room temperature. Both these things are wrong- this is not how they are meant to be served. When you serve white wine too cold, it locks-down all the aromas and flavours and there is very little left to appreciate and taste.

You may find it more enjoyable because it’s refreshingly cold, but you are missing out on all its wonderful flavours and aromas. When you serve red wine at room temperature, in Australia, its aromas and alcohol content can mask the delicate fruit flavours, which will make it taste flabby and flat. It’s best to cool down red wine a little bit before serving it to taste its real flavours. Remember “room temperature” in northern Europe where the term was first coined means 16-18C and not 23C or warmer as is more common in Australia.

#3 Decanting the Wine For Too Long

You will find a number of guides online that tell you about the optimal time that a specific bottle should be decanted, but there is really no need to complicate matters in this way. Ideally, the wine requires only 30 minutes opening up in a decanter. It should then be consumed and enjoyed.

#4 Incorrect Storage

This is one aspect that a number of people get wrong. As a matter of fact, even many wine shops store wine in the incorrect manner- they stock it upright and it sits under bright lights on the shelves. The best way to ensure that your wine lasts longer is to store it on its side, in a cool and dark place. Since it may not always be possible to find the right storage conditions, its best to opt for a wine cellar. You can get this custom-made and installed in your home. It can be temperature-controlled to ensure the wine is stored in the right manner

#5 Over-thinking

Even while you pay attention to all these things, it’s also important not to over-think the entire thing. Keep in mind, that wine is a lot about enjoyment and the pleasure you get by sharing a few glasses of your favourite red, white or sparkling wine with good friends. With all the discussion and debate that surrounds wine, if you end up spending so much time trying to figure out whether it’s the perfect temperature and whether you are serving it with the right food, you are also taking away a large part of the pleasure quotient of drinking it

Enjoy your Wine

So, once in a while, it’s a good idea to keep aside that wine research journal you have been putting together, and enjoy your wine in an unshackled manner. Forget about blind tasting it and proving to everyone around you that you know its subtleties. Buy good wines, store them right and enjoy that bottle of red when you want to. For more information about storing wines in cellars, call us with your requirement on 0412 521 226. You can also use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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