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The Worst Places to Store Wine

Worst Places to Store Wine

09 Apr The Worst Places to Store Wine

If you are a budding wine lover, you are sure to be worried about wine storage. But here is a simple fact- Most wines are meant to be consumed within a year of their release; and so if you are planning on buying and consuming local wines, identifying a place and designing an elaborate wine cellar with temperature control and light control etc, is just not worth the trouble and money.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on buying a lot of fine wine, you will have to plan and install the right kind of wine cellar at the right spot in your home. These wines have the potential to age well and their flavor and texture will improve over time- these are the wines you should be more worried about. You can easily bottle these from anywhere between 1-5 years.

Creative Storage

Some French wines can be aged for decades and their quality will only improve over the years. They will become more enjoyable and their fruit-driven aromas will transform into more spicy, earthy and complex tones. This of course, will be based on the variety of grapes used and the origin and style of the wine. Many homeowners who are planning on storing wine plan and design innovative and creative storage racks for their reds and whites. But many of these places turn out to be the worst in terms of temperature and humidity control etc. Here are some of the worst places to store wine:

Under the Stairs

For some reason, this seems to be a favourite with many homeowners. They feel that the space under the stairs lends itself very well to wine storage. But the fact is that is its one of the worst places to store wine, unless you enjoy consuming it in a cooked form. The summer months are the worst and if you plan to store wine under the stairs, you are sure to be unwittingly reducing its flavor and overall quality

Above the Refrigerator

With many people, this is the 2nd favourite place to store wines. It’s not uncommon to see built-in wine racks or cabinet spaces that are positioned just above the refrigerator. These may look aesthetically appealing, but the fact is that fridges give off heat and vibrations (both of which are detrimental to fine wines)

Near a Window

There is no doubt that placing rows of red and white wines in beautiful coloured glass bottles in a sunny spot near a window, creates a focal point in the space. But the sunlight also imparts heat which has a negative impact on the aging process. This is also why you should avoid purchasing wines that are placed very close to a glass display window in the wine shop

Under Floorboards

This may seem like an ingenious idea to many people because they feel they are “cellaring” their wine. After all, the floor board area doesn’t see any light and its going to be cooler than other spaces in the home, right?- Wrong- When the temperatures rise, spaces under floorboards also become hotter. In addition, they are subject to vibrations when someone walks across the room or even when furniture is moved

Other shocking places that people may end up keeping fine wines are in under-counter kitchen cabinets, in refrigerators and, believe it or not- upright on the mantelpiece. Imagine what the wine bottle has to go through standing right above the fireplace, with its cork drying out and the expensive contents going to waste.

Store it Right

If you are planning on buying fine wine and storing it, the right way to go about it is to get a temperature-controlled wine cellar installed. These cellars can be designed to your specifications and depending on the space availability; you can opt either for a large, more elaborate one or a modestly-sized, but equally well-planned one. The experts at Signature Cellars have years of experience in designing and installing the best cellars for residential customers. For more information, call us with your requirement on 02 9340 7515. You can also use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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