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Common Wine Cellaring Mistakes

Common Wine Cellaring Mistakes

18 Dec Common Wine Cellaring Mistakes

Every budding wine lover or even a seasoned one is always worried about whether they have got their wine storage right. However, the simple fact is that most of the wines available today are supposed to be consumed within 1 year of their release. In case you’re planning to buy & consume local wines, you may not find it very worthwhile to install a custom designed cellar that has light & temperature control etc; truthfully, it’s just not worth all the trouble and money you would have to spend on it.

Contrastingly, in case you plan on purchasing & consuming a significant amount of fine wine, it’s crucial that you plan & install a well-designed cellar at the right spot in your home. These particular wines tend to age well and their flavour and texture develops over a few years and these are the wines you should actually be worried about. These can be stored for between 1 and 5 years.

The right storage

There are certain French wines that can be stored for decades and they will only improve with age. Their fruit-driven aromas will become more robust and enjoyable and you will be able to discern their earthy, complex and spicy tones. Most people who plan to store wine over a period of time feel they want creative storage racks and properly designated spaces too. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the right way to cellar wine; these are the common wine cellaring mistakes:

#1 Storing wines under the stairs

Many people just love the idea of being able to use this space under the stairs in a more functional manner. They think that turning the space under the stairs into a cellar of sorts is an ingenious idea; but very frankly, it’s one of the worst spaces to store wine in, unless of course you have a preference for “cooked wine”. This space can become very warm in the summer months and there are chances of vibrations affecting the wine too.

#2 In the kitchen, just above the refrigerator

This can easily be said to be the 2nd most popular place to store wines, and this idea is probably even worse than the first one. It’s pretty common to see cabinet spaces & built-in wine racks right on top of the refrigerator. Sure they look attractive, but the fact is that the vibrations and heat that the refrigerator gives off, can be highly detrimental to fine wines.

#3 Right near a window

The one reason people like placing wines near windows is for the stunning effect. The sunlight filtering through the rich reds or the green glass bottles of sparkling wines can be quite a pretty sight. But the sun’s heat ruins the wines. Taking this point ahead, it’s also best not to buy wine that has been stored very close to windows in the store.

#4 Under the floorboard

This is another seemingly smart idea that is nothing but a dud. People feel that when they store their wine under floorboards, they are “cellaring” it, because that area doesn’t see too much light and they presume it will be cooler as well. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy- when there is a rise in the outdoor temperature, the area under floorboards becomes hotter too. Apart from this, when anyone walks across that space or any furniture is moved, the vibrations affect the wine stored underneath.

Apart from this, storing wine in refrigerators, under kitchen cabinets or even upright on a mantelpiece, are common wine cellaring mistakes.

If you are planning to store wine, its best to cellar it the way it should be; in a custom-designed, temperature & light-controlled cellar. For the best residential wine cellars, call Signature Cellars at 02 9340 7515. You can also connect with us via this contact form.

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