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Natural Hangover Cures You Can Try at Home

Natural Hangover Cures

22 Jan Natural Hangover Cures You Can Try at Home

Drinking great wines and exploring the world of alcohol can be a lot of fun, but if you over indulge, the morning after can be a disaster. Nothing quite compares to the pain of a hangover. You eyes feel dry and sensitive, your throat is parched, your head is pounding, as you’re dehydrated, you can’t even have some coffee. Most people just pop a couple of Aspirin, drink plenty of water, and hope it would go away.

There are several stories about people possessing miraculous hangover cures. However, no one really knows if these cures work. Here is a guide containing a list of some natural hangover cures. You can easily try them at home and see if they work. These are some things you can experiment with.


As we mentioned before, if you consume a large amount of alcohol, you are going to be dehydrated. The best way to deal with it is to replenish water. That’s why you should drink as much water as you can. Yes, it would lead to frequent trips to the bathroom, but the alcohol will be flushed out of your system and you’ll feel better and less dehydrated.


If you threw up or simply drank too much, you might have lost some salt and potassium. That can easily be replenished with drinks or food items that are rich with electrolytes. You can have coconut water to restore the salt and potassium. That would reduce the intensity of the headache and other hangover symptoms.

Sugar While Drinking

There are some studies which show that sugar can speed up the metabolism of alcohol. If you consume some sort of sugar during your drinks, you might be able to keep hangover at bay. As fructose neutralizes alcohol to some extent, that would help you with your hangover.


As drinking too much makes your body lose potassium, you can eat a banana or two, and replenish your potassium levels. That would help you with your pain and make sure that your stomach slowly settles as well. Banana is an excellent source of energy. That would help you combat the hangover and allow you to rest for a while.


You might have heard of people drinking Bloody Mary during a hangover. We strongly discourage people who are already drunk to consume more alcohol. Instead of drinking Bloody Mary, you can simply drink tomato juice. It is full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other such useful things. As your body must have lost all of these things on your alcohol binge, this is a great hangover cure.

Eat Something

Some people would suggest that you eat something heavy and greasy when you have a hangover, but that’s not a good idea. Instead, you can eat something that wouldn’t upset your stomach but still offer a range of benefits. We recommend that you have a serving of fruits, which can be a great breakfast. Your stomach would slowly recover and you’ll stop feeling so weak and listless.

Try Sleeping

And finally, if you have the time and can take the day off, you should try to catch some sleep. You might think that alcohol would ensure you slept well, but that’s not the case. After it’s metabolised, your body would start experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms. That can affect the quality of your sleep. Catching up on some sleep would allow your body to recover.

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