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Tips on How to Hold a Corporate Wine Function

How to hold a corporate wine function

19 Feb Tips on How to Hold a Corporate Wine Function

Corporate functions don’t need to be forgettable and boring events. While such functions can be a great way to bring your company together, allow your employees and business associates to mingle, and celebrate a milestone, they can become repetitive. So, why not try something new and unique? Instead of organizing a regular corporate event where people just form groups and gossip, organize something that’s new and educational. A wine-themed function can be just what you need. Here’s how to hold a corporate wine function.

Choose the Location

It’s a good idea to hold a wine function at a winery or vineyard. When you do that, you give people the opportunity to explore wines at its point of origin. There is no better way to savour wines. Being in the vineyard would make it an organic and natural experience. There are several wineries that can host corporate events. You might need to enquire in advance and see if they can handle the number of people that would be attending the event.

Choose a Winery

If you intend to host the function at a winery, you need to choose one. There are some wineries that host different kinds of corporate wine events, from team building to wine appreciation. Their websites would include details about the different kinds of wines they offer, the length of the function, the hosting capacity, and other such information. If you don’t find any information, you can contact the winery and ask them. Some wineries don’t mention corporate events on their website but will organize them if you ask.

The Quality of the Winery

It’s not a good idea to choose the first winery that you find, just because it offers the facilities. There are several things you need consider when you are making this decision. They include:

#1 The distance from your corporate office

You need to ensure that it’s easy to reach the winery and the commute isn’t too long.

#2 The selection of wines available

Choose a winery that offers a diverse collection of wines; different guests might have different preferences with wine.

#3 The cost

If you aren’t careful, these events can be very expensive. Most wineries will quote a price per person. Simple wine tastings are cheaper than full-scale wine appreciation events. Consider your budget and choose an event and winery.

#4 The hosting ability

You need to make sure that the winery is able to host the number of people you want to bring to the corporate wine function. There should be enough space for attendees to relax and have a good time without feeling like they’re being crushed by crowds.


You need to arrange for transport or give your attendees directions to the wineries. If the attendees only include people from your company, it would be a good idea to arrange for transport. You don’t want to worry about people getting lost, coming in late, or missing the event entirely.

In-house Events

If you intend to host a wine-themed corporate function on your corporate premises instead of going to the winery, you need to arrange for a supply of wines. Order an interesting mix of rare or artisan wines for the event. You might also consider hiring a professional to explain different wines and the process of tasting wines to your guests.

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