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How to Pair Wine and Moods

how to pair wine with moods

06 May How to Pair Wine and Moods

A number of studies have been conducted that prove music has the ability to alter your mood and interestingly, wine can do the same thing for you. For instance if the weather is very hot and you are sweating a lot, sipping on a full-bodied Shiraz will only intensify this feeling of heat.

On the other hand you might just find that a Pinot Noir that is far lighter will be much more enjoyable. Pairing food and wine is something that’s very natural and everyone does that, but have you ever tried to pair your wine based on your mood? So is there a specific wine you should drink when you are happy or sad?

And do you actually take your mood into account when you are choosing which wine to drink? Do you have a collection of wines for different occasions? Here’s how to pair wine with moods and a list of wines you can try for different occasions:

Happiness – Rosé

This is typically a colour of more than just a single type of wine. For instance, you may choose a Tempranillo rosé or a Pinot Noir rosé – in fact, any red wine in which they remove the grape skins very early during the aging process. Regardless of which variant you are drinking, as soon as the pink wine touches your lips, it brings in memories of a summery day you have spent with family and friends.

Relaxation – Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is an extremely versatile wine and you can pair it with almost anything. Based on the region it has come from, this wine can be rich, fruity and herbaceous. This is the wine you consume when regardless of what happens you know the situation isn’t going to affect you in any way. This wine is cool and perfect for that mood too.

Carefree – Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc is a grassy and fruity wine. At times, you may also come across one that has a much creamier taste – this flavour and texture is on account of it being aged in oak. It’s typically produced in California and is labelled Fumé Blanc. In any case, this wine is extremely elegant and crisp.

Sadness – Syrah

There are times when you feel like the entire world’s burdens are weighing down on you and ironically, you just want to listen to music that’s as sad as you feel. This is the time you pour yourself a glass of Syrah – it’s almost as if you’re getting a very warm hug that’s very comforting, satisfying and enveloping all at once. This wine with its hearty and complex flavours acts as a salve and is a great relief when you are feeling low.

Resilience – Cabernet Sauvignon

This grape grows in various soils and climates – in fact, it is so sturdy, it can also grow in any arid desert. The wine is fruity and full-bodied and it hits your palate with notes of grit and leather. And so if you feel like you are facing an unsurmountable task, a glass of this delicious liquid courage will give you the confidence you need.

Bored – Chardonnay

Boredom is something that every one of us faces at some time or the other. In situations such as this, a creamy Chardonnay can cure that feeling. Not only is it a mood-uplifter, but it’s delicious to the core as well.

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