The Temperature That The Pinot Noir Should Be Served At
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At What Temperature Should a Pinot Noir Be Served?

temperature that the pinot noir should be served at

24 Jun At What Temperature Should a Pinot Noir Be Served?

Regardless of the wine you are drinking, the serving temperature impacts the manner in which you perceive its flavours. Ensuring that it’s served at the right temperature ensures you are able to enjoy its subtleties in a much better way. So, what temperature should a Pinot Noir be served?

About the Pinot Noir

This red wine is made from the famous Pinot Noir grape. The Burgundy region in France is where this wine is made; however, a large number of other wine growing regions across the world, such as Oregon and California also grow this wine. In fact, Champagne is a blend of Chardonnay grapes & Pinot Noir grapes. The Méthode Champenoise is used to turn Pinot Noir grapes into blanc de noir Champagne. This wine gets its dark colour from the Pinot Noir juice that’s clear and is left in contact with the grape skins.

Pinot Noir Flavours

If you want to bring out the true flavours of the Pinot Noir, you would have to use the best temperature while serving it. Serving it either too cold or too warm will only mask its subtler aspects. There is a variation in the Pinot Noir style from one region to the next. However, these are the flavours you will commonly discover in the Pinot Noir, when it has been served at the ideal temperature:

  • Black cherry
  • Smoke
  • Leather
  • Mushroom
  • Berries
  • Tomato
  • Plum
  • Earth

The softness and richness of the Pinot Noir can range from medium to full-bodied and it has very minimal alcohol levels & acidity.

The Temperature that the Pinot Noir should be served at

Like many other wines, getting the storage and serving temperature of the Pinot Noir right, is a balancing act. However, when you get it right, you will find it’s possible to preserve all the characteristics that we just talked about. This provides the perfect balance of fruity flavours, acidity and alcohol content, even as you are able to relish the subtleties of the wine profile.

The temperature doesn’t really change these characteristics; but it impacts the manner in which your palate perceives these flavours. Serving the Pinot Noir at the right temperature can make significant difference to your enjoyment of the wine. As is the case with most wines, it’s best to serve the Pinot Noir at a little cooler than room temperature. Many people are under the impression that reds have to be served at room temperature.

However that’s a myth. The Pinot Noir is a lighter-bodied red, and is best served at 16°C. Its storage temperature should also be in that range as it adds to the longevity of the wine. If your Pinot Noir has been stored at room temperature, you can then store it in the refrigerator for 2 hours, at the right temperature. Alternatively, storing it in ice & water for 15 minutes or for around 15 minutes in the freezer will do the trick as well.

Storage is Important too

Do not overcool this wine as that will only mask its subtleties. Blanc de noirs and champagne that also contain Pinot Noir should be stored at 16 °C. When you are drinking a Pinot Noir, ensure you hold the glass by the stem. If you hold the glass by the bowl, the warmth from your palm will increase the temperature of the wine and affect its flavour.

Just as serving wine at the right temperature is important, it’s equally vital that it be stored at the right temperature; and installing a temperature-controlled wine cellar in your home is the one way to ensure that. For any information about wine cellars and cellaring wine, call Signature Cellars at 02 9340 7515. Alternatively, simply use this contact form to connect with us and we will get back to you shortly.

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