How A Wine Dispenser Help Increase A Wine's Shelf Life
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How a Wine Dispenser Help Increase the Wine’s Shelf Life

how a wine dispenser help increase a wine's shelf life

22 Jul How a Wine Dispenser Help Increase the Wine’s Shelf Life

It’s not uncommon for wine drinkers to sometimes find that they have to just discard an opened bottle of wine, that been stored in the fridge for a few days; air exposure can very quickly turn the best of wines into a disastrous and undrinkable mess. Luckily, there are quite few different varieties of wine dispensers that are extremely effective in extending the shelf life of some of your best wines.

Wine experts agree that most bottles of wine that have been opened become undrinkable post 3 days of being stored in the fridge. Once a bottle of wine has been uncorked, the outside air comes in contact with the wine, and this starts affecting its flavour. At the outset, the wine may actually benefit from this ‘breathing’; however, after a couple of days, the wine simply loses most of its flavour as the oxygen in the air reacts with it and destroys it.

A wine dispenser helps preserve your wine as it prevents the air from coming in contact with it. In most instances, this means a non-reactive nitrogen layer is placed just over the wine’s surface and in effect, this re-corks the bottle. If you conduct a bit of research, you will find that there are a variety of wine dispenser designs available on the market and you can choose one that’s best for you, based on your requirement and budget.

Single-bottle wine preservation system

If you don’t entertain a lot and are looking for a simple and cost-effective wine preserver, you should opt for a single-bottle system. This typically has a dispenser nozzle/tap, that’s attached to a small nitrogen canister. Once you open up the wine bottle, you only have to insert the dispenser nozzle into the bottle.

This slowly pumps in the nitrogen gas into your wine bottle and you will be able to use this dispenser to easily pour out the wine into one glass at a time. When you have finished serving the wine and want to put away the wine, all you need to do is disconnect the nitrogen canister & then place the wine bottle in the refrigerator.

Wine Preserver and Dispenser

If you prefer to open up more than just one bottle at any time, you may find the multi-bottle system better-suited to your needs. When you opt for this system, you have the flexibility to open up to 3 bottles; you can sample these for weeks without being concerned about loss of flavour.

Refrigerated Wine Preservation Systems

If you opt for this system, you don’t have to worry about making any room in your refrigerator for the opened wine bottles. Based on the model you buy, these systems are able to accommodate 1-3 wine bottles; they have an effective, integrated refrigeration system that has pre-set ideal temperatures which is suitable for the most popular wine varieties.

If you are a serious wine aficionado, you may find that a commercial grade dispenser is the best choice to add to your home wine bar/cellar. Since there are so many options of wine dispensers to choose from, you may need some more guidance on which one will be best suited for your purposes. If you are considering getting a custom designed wine cellar, you should mention that you would also like to have some space for a wine dispenser.

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