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How to Cellar Wines in Small Spaces

how to cellar wines in small spaces

16 Sep How to Cellar Wines in Small Spaces

If you are a wine lover and have an avid interest in everything related to whites, reds and sparkling wines, there may come a time when you start contemplating on starting a collection. You may look online for cellaring ideas or peruse magazine, or even admire expansive wine cellars that people you know have. It’s like the rows upon rows of wine bottles are just beckoning you to admire them.

However, when you start thinking of where you are going to build a wine cellar in your own home, you realise there just isn’t enough space for one. You don’t have the appropriate underground space and there isn’t an extra room in which you can house a good collection of wines. Maybe you live in an apartment or a modest-sized house and you feel that you may never be able to realise your dream of cellaring wine in your home.

Smart design concepts

However, just because you have a modestly-sized living space, in no way means you have to forgo your wine cellaring dreams. We at Signature Cellars know exactly what the challenges are of designing and installing a detailed, humidity-controlled & temperature-controlled wine cellar in constrained spaces. We know from experience that it’s possible to build a fully-functional wine cellar in the smallest of spaces. If it is designed and planned well, even 80sq feet of space can easily house up to 750 bottles, which makes for quite a decent–sized collection of wines.

The thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the size, a successful wine cellar has to be installed well, must be insulated well, have vapour barriers and the right flooring and lighting. Skilled and experienced custom wine cellar designers like us can work expertly on the smallest of spaces and turn them into ideal wine cellars. The things we focus to cellar wines in small spaces are:


Just because a wine cellar is small, it doesn’t mean it has to lack the attractiveness quotient. Installing clear-lined glass doors is the best way to show off your wines; apart from that it’s the best way to open up small spaces.


Smart design is a lot about smart storage and we use adjustable shelving in the cellar. This is a great way to accommodate the different sizes of bottles you may want to store there. Since the shelves are adjustable, you will also be able to fit in the large format bottles you like.

Other options

It might not always be possible for you to knock out walls to fit in the kind of wine cellar you want, even a small and compact one. In this case we recommend you opt for a good quality wine cabinet or wine refrigerator. Many of these can be cleverly installed in a garage or even a small corner of your home.

Making the most out of small spaces

While it may definitely seem like you need a very large home to house your wine collection, the truth is that a little bit of creativity and imagination is all that’s required to make space in your home, for your precious wine bottles. If you aren’t too sure about what will work for the kind of space you have, simply connect with expert custom wine cellar designers like the ones at Signature Cellars.

We will work closely with you to understand what your requirements are, and how best we can design and install a temperature-controlled wine cellar in your home. For any consultation on design and install of wine cellars and information about cellaring wine, call us at 02 9340 7515. Alternatively, simply use this contact form to connect with us and we will get back to you shortly.

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