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What to Consider Before Transforming Your Basement into a Wine Cellar

Things To Consider Before Transforming Your Basement To A Wine Cellar

30 Sep What to Consider Before Transforming Your Basement into a Wine Cellar

Many homeowners get their basements turned into a wine cellar. In many ways, this space becomes the perfect area to stock your precious wine bottles. However, you can’t just build racks along the walls and stock the bottles in them. You would have to do a considerable amount of planning and create some smart plans to ensure your wines are stored in the right manner.

It’s possible to create a very good space where you can display your wine collection as well as entertain. When you start out on your wine collection, you may start with stocking them in your kitchen; however if you are planning to store fine wine in larger quantities, you would eventually need extra storage. When you build a wine cellar in your basement, you can very conveniently curate any of your favourite vintages.

Some pointers

Wine needs proper storage and you can’t really store wines in kitchen cabinets or in the areas under the staircase. You should hire the services of a professional wine cellar company to provide you custom solutions that will help you create the perfect space for your wine bottles. Based on exactly how large your fine wine collection is, you can make the best use of the available space. Here are some ideas and some things to consider before transforming your basement into a wine cellar:

  • It’s not really necessary to transform the entire basement; all you have to do is install some well-designed wine cabinets in one corner and then leave the rest of the space for other purposes like positioning a tasting table there.
  • If you have a modestly-sized basement, you can also repurpose a closet in that space. When you are planning the floor plan and design of your wine cellar, you should keep your current & future needs in view.
  • Think about the size of the racks and cabinets that you want to install. If you want to create the perfect environment for your wines, you have to ensure that you create a climate-controlled space.
  • The wine cellar designers will give you plans and ideas and material options. They will also ensure that the right kind of insulation is installed. When the insulation is being planned, you have to consider factors such as geographical location. The wine cellar designers will inspect the basement to see which insulation options will work best for you. The other priority is to ensure that there is no condensation or mould build-up in your basement cellar.
  • Ensure that the right kinds of humidity-controller and temperature control systems are installed. Maintaining the right balance of temperature and humidity ensures that your wines get the ideal storage environment.
  • When choosing insulation, you need to consider different factors like your geographical location. It is a good idea to get professional inspection to find out the best option for your space. Insulation that is ideal for hot areas will be different from that which is perfect for cold areas. Preventing mould and condensation build-up in the space is vital.

Creating the right look in your basement wine cellar

Even as you plan on creating the right environment for your wines, you are sure to want a space that looks good too. If you are planning on designing the space on a more traditional and classic theme, you should consider using wood. On the other hand, if you prefer a more modernistic wine cellar, you can opt for stainless steel racks for storing wines. If you want to prevent contamination, you would have to choose the right wines.

You can create the ambience you want by using the right lighting concepts like recessed lighting or track lighting. Use LED bulbs as they throw cool light and won’t increase the temperature in your basement cellar.

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