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4 Tips to Choose the Ideal Custom Wine Cellar Door

tips to choose the ideal custom wine cellar door

28 Oct 4 Tips to Choose the Ideal Custom Wine Cellar Door

Custom wine cellar design is a mix of various aspects and components and it’s important to plan each of them well, to create a whole that looks stunning, is functional and has a cohesive appearance. A wine cellar can never be considered to be complete unless it has a well-designed and installed door.

In fact it plays a very important role in helping to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity at the desired levels. In addition, the door also helps keep your precious wine bottles safe. This aspect would also have to be kept in view while choosing a door for your custom wine cellar.

Some tips

In short, it’s important to put in a certain amount of thought and planning into your custom wine cellar design. This is why you should focus on choosing the right kind of wine cellar door. Here are 4 tips to choose the ideal custom wine cellar door:

#1 The material

There are a number of materials that can be used to build your cellar door and wood is widely used in its construction. You can choose from wood species such as mahogany, redwood or pine. While you are doing all this, ensure that the door is stained in the same colour that’s being used to stain the racks and furniture in your wine cellar.

Many people like the look of glass and prefer using it in their cellar door installations. Glass complements the look and styling of all types of décor and will blend well with traditional as well as contemporary designs. However, when you opt for glass, it’s important that you get an insulated or thermal glass door.

You can choose between double/triple-paned glass; this adds to the insulation factor and makes temperature and humidity control more efficient. You also have the option to get an insulated, galvanized iron metal door installed.

#2 The design

You can choose to get a very simplistic design with just a plain door. However, you also have the option to get the door carved with exotic and unique designs. If you are getting a glass door, it can be etched or a design can be frosted into the glass. If you want to enhance the security factor, you can choose to get intricate grillwork fitted along with the glass. This will make the door more secure and add to the aesthetics too.

#3 Door framing

The framing is as important as the door itself. Use solid wood and weather-stripping all around the framework. While frameless doors do have a distinct elegance, it’s not a good idea to opt for this installation. It’s not possible to insulate these as required and they allow air and humidity into the room, which can compromise the quality of the wine you store there.

#4 Size

The size of the door should be proportionate to the dimensions of the area available where you are planning to get the cellar installed. For instance, if you have a very modestly-sized cellar, opting for a wider door made of glass can make the cellar look more expansive. If you prefer a more solid look, opt for a smaller door made of wood and embellishments and hardware like iron studs and antique door handles etc.

Custom solutions for wine cellar doors

There are a number of design options for wine door cellars and you can discuss your ideas and requirements with your wine cellar designer. They will provide you customised solutions that will be based on those ideas and will complement the overall look of your cellar. If you are considering getting a wine cellar installed in your home, call Signature Cellars at this number 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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