Common Wine Cellar Construction Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Common Wine Cellar Construction Mistakes To Avoid

common wine cellar construction mistakes you should avoid

04 Nov Common Wine Cellar Construction Mistakes To Avoid

If you are planning on getting a wine cellar installed in your home, it’s important that you focus on planning it well. Conduct a certain amount of research online, and consult expert wine cellar designers. They would be able to provide you all the information you need and will ensure that the wine cellar is functional and aesthetically appealing in every way.

Fine wines can improve with age; but that can happen only when they are stored in the right conditions. Here are some common wine cellar construction mistakes you should avoid:

Common mistakes to avoid

#1 Not installing adequate insulation in the cellar

Insulation is one of the most vital components of wine cellar design. The right type of insulation materials will have to be used to ensure the wine is stored in the appropriate conditions. The type and amount of insulation would depend on aspects such as the location & size of the cellar as well as the climatic conditions in the area you live in, and more.

The installation of the insulation has to be tackled as part of the first phase of the project, before the rest of the features are installed. Always use high-quality insulation materials in the work; this will help save you a lot of trouble and expense on alterations and fixes later.

#2 Choosing the incorrect wine cellar door

It’s very natural for you to want a door that looks aesthetically appealing; however you must keep in mind that a wine cellar is very different from other rooms in your home. It is used to store wines that require the right humidity and temperature levels to stay in a good condition. Even if your cellar is well insulated and has the right humidity and temperature-control equipment in place, the wine cellar door too needs to be designed and installed with care.

You can choose between materials such as wood, metal, glass or a combination of any of these materials. If you are getting a glass door installed, ensure that you use double/triple-paned insulated glass. The framing installation should be done with care and should have an airtight seal. The objective is to ensure that the room is effectively protected from the outdoor temperature.

#3 Omitting to get a vapour barrier installed

A vapour barrier is a vital installation in any wine cellar. It helps maintain optimum storage conditions in the room. This ensures your wines stay in a good condition and that they age well. In the long term, an effective vapour barrier can also prevent high moisture levels in the room; this can result in mould and mildew build-up and can impact the integrity of your wines. Your custom wine cellar designer will provide you more information about what type of vapour barrier will be best-suited for your wine cellar installation.

#4 Choosing incorrect lighting options

Not many people realise exactly how important the right kind of lighting is, in wine cellar design. Strategically placed light fixtures can enhance the attractiveness of your wine cellar. However if you use standard lighting, that can emit a lot of heat and will increase the temperature in the room; this can impact the quality of your wines.

It’s best to use LED lighting as these bulbs emit “cool light” and don’t heat up like standard bulbs do. You can add track lights, spot lights, recessed lights, ambient lights as well as floor lights and maybe a chandelier for the right effect.

Hire expert designers

In addition to this, you should focus on buying the right kind of wine racks. Opt for custom-designed racks made from redwood or other hardwood that’s moisture and mildew- resistant.

The one way to avoid all these and any other designing mistakes is to hire the services of experienced wine cellar designers like the ones at Signature Cellars. You can reach is at this number 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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