Basic Guide To Starting A Bordeaux Wine Collection
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Considering Starting a Bordeaux Collection? Here is a Basic Guide

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29 Sep Considering Starting a Bordeaux Collection? Here is a Basic Guide

In the world of wines, some things are constant. Even today, the critics’ overall opinion (that was established over a century and a half ago) of premium Bordeaux wines remains largely unchanged even today. At a global exhibition held in Paris in 1855, the worlds’ best Bordeaux wines were classified into specific categories such as:

  • Château Haut-Brion
  • Château Latour
  • Château Lafite-Rothschild
  • Château Margaux
  • Château Mouton Rothschild

To this day, any average vintage of these premium wines is highly sought-after and a collector would have to cough up more than $1000 for it.

Bordeaux Châteaux – The evolution

  • Among the Bordeaux châteaux that were part of the 1855 classification, Haut-Brion is the one that has consistently maintained excellence and a high investment potential over the decades.
  • Its owners purchased La Mission Haut-Brion in the year 1983. Maintaining the original label even under the new ownership, the latter has consistently created numerous outstanding score wines, including some stunning white blends that are always in high demand.
  • Updated every 10 years, the 1855 classification has added some excellent Premiers Grand Crus to their list including Château Pavie, Château Angélus, Château Cheval Blanc and Château Ausone.
  • Some wines that offer the highest investment potential, however, are from a subregion that hasn’t been part of any classification. And so, Le Pin and Château Petrus, both from Pomerol, have been very consistent with creating wines that are among the most coveted in the world. The wines from this châteaux have been collectors’ favourites for many decades; in some cases, for over a century and a half.

Collecting Bordeaux – Getting it right

Each year, the topmost Bordeaux experts in the world head to the region to sample wines straight from the barrel; their opinions set the wheels of En Primeur sales into motion and that’s how the Bordeaux frenzy continues to build.

The main idea behind these En Primeur sales is that people that buy wines on futures get a far better price. For a buyer with patience, the rewards can be truly outstanding; a classic, top chateau Bordeaux vintage will offer excellent drinking and profitable sales within a matter of a few decades. Regardless of what the case is, the only way you can guarantee a flawless aging process is to have custom-built wine cellar storage solution.

Buying in Bordeaux bond

When you purchase any wine as an investment and intend to resell it you will be able to keep the profit tax-free if you purchase it under bond. The wine will have to be stored at a certified bonded warehouse and will be exempt from customs, VAT, and excise duty. A wine that is stored under bond is also insured.

This is why purchasing Bordeaux wines in bond is quite convenient, especially when the wine is bought with the express intent of reselling it for a profit. Unless you visit various wineries yourself and buy the wines directly from there, a reliable wine merchant becomes the vital link that connects you to the best Bordeaux in the world.

Especially in the case of older Bordeaux, you often need authenticity documentation. Choosing a reputable and well-established merchant with an impeccable track record is the guarantee that you will receive the wines you have paid for in prime condition and in a timely manner.

A few more pointers

Whether you store wines in your own custom cellar or someplace else, it’s crucial to keep track of the drink dates, the life expectancy and the shifting prices. It’s important that you hold on to the new releases for a while if you want to make a decent profit from them. If you relish enjoying wines of a specific age, you would have to keep a close tab on their prime drink dates.

For any more information about Bordeaux wines or custom wine cellar design and installation, you can call Signature Cellars on 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to assist you and provide custom solutions that match your requirements.

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