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Which Penfolds Vintage Wines Are Ideal For Gifting?

Penfolds vintage wine

02 Feb Which Penfolds Vintage Wines Are Ideal For Gifting?

With the holiday season right around the corner, you are likely looking for some interesting and unique presents to gift friends and family. And if you want to gift something special to a wine connoisseur, Penfolds vintage wines are one of the best gifts you can think of. If you are a wine lover, you are sure to be aware of the fact that Penfolds is one of the Australia’s best wine producers.

Each year, the company releases a very small quantity of limited edition wines and is very experimental when it comes to researching new blends and blending techniques. But that’s not where their creativity ends. This producer likes to do things differently and they also experiment with unusual and unique wine bottle shapes.

Penfolds is highly dedicated to quality winemaking and ages it vines perfectly before harvesting them. This attention to detail lends their wines a distinctive and robust personality and the company doesn’t need to adopt any clever marketing tactics to sell its products.

Unique wines – interesting blends

If you are looking for a great wine for a collector, Penfolds flagship wines are what you should be considering. Here is a quick guide to help you decide which flagship label to settle for:


This is a superb blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz that most wine enthusiasts and collectors are partial to. These wines are refined and intense all at once and a great gift for any serious collector.

The Bins

There are many different styles of Bins ranging from Shiraz to Cabernet and these also come from different vineyards. This range of wines is great for immediate consumption rather than cellaring for longer periods of time.


There was a time when the Chardonnay produced at this estate was a notch below the Grange wines in terms of quality. But all of that has changed in recent years and today, this label is highly sought-after by Penfolds wine lovers who prefer experimental white wines.

Aside from the flagship wines, the producer’s Koonunga Hill and Max’s labels are unique and have very balanced yet rich flavours. If the person you are gifting the wine to already has plenty of Granges in their collection, you should consider gifting them wines from the two labels we just mentioned. If you feel that they would appreciate a Grange, pick a vintage they don’t yet have. The idea is to gift them something they haven’t tried before.

What’s so special about the Grange label?

While the other flagship wines that this company produces make for excellent gifts, the Grange label impresses the most. This label was first released way back in 1951 and has consistently been at the fore of Australian wine history since. Most critics give these wines a score of 90 and you will rarely see a Grange fall below that rating.

In recent times, this label has been pulling in perfect scores very consistently. These premium wines are dense and formidable and can be cellared for decades. If the recipient prefers wines they can cellar for a long time, you need look no further than the Penfolds Grange label and they are truly the perfect gift for a discerning wine lover.

When you are deciding which vintage to choose as a gift, the aspects to keep in view are whether it’s going to be kept in storage or is for immediate consumption. The vintages that have been produced after 2000 will need more time to mature while the ones produced before that year are perfect for immediate consumption.

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