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Charming Wine Cellar Designs Concepts For Your Home

charming wine cellar design concepts

02 Mar Charming Wine Cellar Designs Concepts For Your Home

When it comes to custom wine cellar design and plans, there are no hard and fast rules and you can get as creative as you like. Some homeowners prefer more traditional styles with various wood finishes and a more robust and dark styling while others lean towards modernistic design concepts and want their wine cellar design to have clean and crisp lines. Regardless of the style and design concepts you like, you should focus on getting a custom wine cellar that will complement the design of the rest of your home.

Charming wine cellar design concepts

Modern day wine cellars could be installed in any area of a home where there is no direct sunlight and heat or vibrations. We at Signature Cellars work very closely with our clients to understand what their specific design preferences are and then provide cellar designs and plans that fit in with their likings and budget. Here we discuss some charming wine cellar design concepts for your home:

#1 The rustic look

There is something about a rustic design concept that lends itself very well to a wine cellar installation. You can have a long hardwood table with circular stone surrounds. The right effect can be created by installing recessed and ambient lighting using LED track lights and bulbs. You can enhance the rustic effect by using bare brick wall and unpolished wooden frame finishes. Somehow this look complements your vintages very well.

#2 The modern effect

Modern day wine cellars are temperature-controlled and they don’t necessarily have to be installed underground to keep them cool. We can design the most stunning wine cellars in any area of your home and it can become a statement piece that adds value to your property. For a contemporary wine cellar, we may use more glass and chrome finishes and then balance that out with cross-cut hardwood tiled flooring.

This effect lends warmth to the space without taking away from its modern feel in any way. Recessed spotlights can be placed strategically in the ceiling to provide mood effects as they dramatically light up the columns of fine wine bottles below. We may add some stone effects to enhance the overall aesthetic of the wine cellar design.

#3 Creating drama in your wine cellar

If you want something very unique with a touch of whimsy, you should consider using a very bold colour like rich red on the walls and then complement that with timber wine storage racks that are sanded and polished to perfection. If you like we can also add some custom-designed oak box shelves that will lend a more organised and grid-like look to your cellar. When darker wood species are used for the shelves and racks, it becomes the perfect way to frame the colourful wine bottle tops and create a multi-coloured and robust aesthetic.

#4 The minimalist style

If you prefer to stay away from the traditional and more solid or busy cellar design concepts and prefer a minimalistic style we can create a beautiful cellar with stainless steel racks and combine those with natural stone accented walls that will create a very minimalistic yet chic and elegant look in the space.

You can also add some eccentricity to your wine cellar design by incorporating wine crates into the space and include some artwork and sculptures in it. Custom stonework, arches and glow lights etc. can also be added to create a stunning look in the wine cellar.

For any more information on custom wine cellar design and installation, you can call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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