How to Choose Champagne Gifts For Friends And Family
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Tips to Choose Champagne Holiday Gifts For Friends and Family

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29 Mar Tips to Choose Champagne Holiday Gifts For Friends and Family

Many people become stumped when thinking of what they should get for family, friends and co-workers as holiday presents. While there are many things that can qualify as great Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with well-chosen champagne. And the great thing about gifting champagne is that it doesn’t have to be premium or age-worthy for it to be worthwhile. You only need to consider the personality of the person you are gifting it to and select a vintage that suits the needs of the recipient.

The special touch

It’s important to customise your choices based on the person’s tastes and personalities. You may feel that its far easier to just buy a case of any good champagnes and gift every person on your list one of those bottles. But the fact is that family and close friends would appreciate it more if you took some effort to customise and look for champagne specifically for them.

Would you feel special if you found out that someone close to you gave you the same gift they gave to a bunch of other people? The same logic applies when you are looking to gift champagne to your friends and family during the holidays. Here are some tips to follow to customise your champagne gifts:

  • Look for something from a milestone vintage. It could be the person’s birth year, wedding anniversary or just about any other important date like their kid’s birth year etc.
  • Consider the recipient’s personality and taste. For instance, if someone prefers sweet wines, it wouldn’t be a great idea to gift them a dry brut Champagne, regardless of how highly rated it was by critics. The other way to go about it is to gift something on the basis of the bottle’s appearance. Some champagne bottles have stunning artwork on their labels and that may appeal to some recipients too.
  • You can always give a combined gift – the champagne bottle and maybe spa bookings, restaurant reservations or even tickets to a play they would enjoy. The idea is to create an experience around the champagne gift.
  • While you are taking all these other aspects into consideration, keep the vintage aspect in view at all times. If you are gifting champagne, make sure it’s a vintage as this matters more than any other factors. It indicates to the recipient that they are special and that you care enough to give them great champagne.
  • Conduct a certain amount of research and find out which vintages were of premium quality in terms of specific procedures. Conduct a search by vintage date and you can start with the milestone date if that’s the guideline you are following. Check which producers have the top scores and that will help you narrow down your search a bit.
  • It’s always good to gift a magnum Champagne to people you really care about. These bottles look impressive, to say the least. When you are buying champagne for a wine enthusiast or someone who has deep knowledge of wines, always buy a vintage magnum. The non-vintage magnums can become a good gift for someone who enjoys their wines but hasn’t built any specific preferences yet.

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