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Tips to Choose the Perfect Wine Cellar Racks

tips to choose the perfect wine cellar rack

29 Mar Tips to Choose the Perfect Wine Cellar Racks

There is a large variety of wine racks available for a wine aficionado to store bottles effectively in their home. These racks come in a wide range of sizes, materials and styles. Whether you want to store only a few select bottles or fill out the entire cellar, there are many options to choose from. 

Most people make the mistake of buying modular racks for their wine storage, but this may not always be a great choice. Wine bottles come in various shapes and sizes, making it important to ensure that you have the right kinds of racks to store them. Here are some tips to choose the perfect wine cellar racks.

1. Size Of The Bottle

The type of racks you choose to invest in entirely depends on the type of wine you prefer to drink and the ones that you have in your collection. As mentioned earlier, different types of wines have different sizes of bottles and vary in style. Standard wine racks that store 750ml Bordeaux bottles may not always be the ideal choice. 

The same problem might occur if you have split or half bottles in your collection. You may want to select a wine rack that has a larger opening than the standard size if you have magnum bottles or other bottle formats like champagne. Custom-built racks can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

2. Material

  • Wood- Wooden racks are the most common to store wines. The primary choice of wood is either oak or pine. They hold up extremely well in climate-controlled areas. Pine wine racks are cost-effective and are widely used for wine storage. 

Selecting the perfect material for your fine rack is crucial. It not only affects how your wine is stored but also how it blends in with its surroundings. Here are a few materials that are used for making wine racks:

Wooden wine racks look great in traditional-style interiors. However, this material is not necessarily practical especially in damp areas where metal racks have the advantage. Woods like fir and cedar are cheaper and must be avoided at all costs as they can taint the aroma of wines. Finishing paints should also be avoided for the same reason. 

They provide a versatile way to store wine and are aesthetically appealing too. The thickness of the material is important while choosing this type of rack to ensure it remains sturdy and durable and is able to suppport the weight of the wine.

  • Metal- a metal wine rack is an alternate choice. It looks excellent in contemporary or modernistic interiors and allow for easy transportation. However, you might need custom designed metal racks to complement the available space in your cellar. 

3. Specifications

Sharp edges in bottle holders can cause the label to tear when removing them and can reduce the value of the bottle or make it look less presentable. This makes it important to select racks with smooth edges. To ensure stability, the wine racks should be installed correctly. 

Check all the details that are used to construct the racks to prevent any damage to the bottles. It is also crucial to select a specialist company that understands every aspect of wine storage and associated product specifications. 

Following these simple steps will ensure that there are no damages to the bottle or the wine itself. To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email

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