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The Best Way to Preserve Wine

best way to preserve wine

21 Jun The Best Way to Preserve Wine

Wines are incredibly delicate drinks & require special care to ensure that they reach their potential, and their subtle flavours and aromas are highlighted. You can learn a lot about wine, directly through its body, colour, and aroma. By tasting the wine, experts can pinpoint its age, recognize the variety of grapes used and the condition of its growth. Besides, it is also possible to tell whether the wine has been well-preserved or not.

Preservation of Wine

Exceptional care has to be taken in the preservation of wine to ensure that it matures ideally & unfolds its subtle aromas. Over the years, the process of wine production has gone through several changes. Modern techniques of viticulture are implemented, and new varieties of wine grapes are being cultivated.

This has evolved the winemaking process completely. However, the one thing that has remained unaltered over the years is the conditions that need to be maintained to preserve wine perfectly. An environment with a relatively low temperature along with medium to high levels of humidity, protection from outside vibrations, unwanted odours, and protection from sunlight is required to preserve wine.

Why You Need a Custom Wine Cellar

Only when the wine has aged in a proper cellar, that offers this calm environment, can it reach its maximum potential, develop richer aromas and sophisticated bouquets. This is precisely why passionate wine lovers opt for their own private wine cellars. As a result of modern technology, we no longer have to create underground cellars to preserve our wine the right way.

Custom wine cellars today offer a suitable environment where several hundred wines can be aged in an entirely peaceful setting, just like an actual underground wine cellar. However, the manufacturing & installation of these cellars involves a high level of skill and expertise.

Custom Wine Cellar Design

The primary reason why you require a specialised team for the installation process is to ensure you have the right design, layout, racks, insulation, lighting and more. Insulation is the critical element for sustaining the necessary physical features of a wine cellar, including temperature & humidity.

Inadequate thermal insulation or vapour barriers can result in undesirable conditions like fluctuations in the temperature, mould build up, odours, and high humidity. Temperature fluctuations cause’ faster oxidation in wines, high moisture levels can result in damaged bottle labels, and unwanted odours can contaminate the bouquet and ruin its quality. Here are a few essential tips that will help you preserve wine:

Tips to help you preserve wine

#1 Storage Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing wine is around 13°C. In case you don’t have a basement in your house or you live in hot climates, it is essential that you install an independent cooling system. This is the only way you can prevent your wine from turning.

#2 Temperature Fluctuations

It is true that the temperature in your basement stays relatively constant compared to some of the other spaces in your house. However, a certain amount of temperature fluctuation exists there as well. It is crucial to frame the room with 2X4″ studs, and then insulate it with rigid foam insulation, if you are installing a cellar in a non-insulated place.

Also, it is also crucial that you select a spot that has no vibrations, and also avoid placing any cooling units near the cellar. Movements like these can have an impact on the aging process of the wine.

To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email

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