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Wine room in a Sydney home

wine room in a Sydney home

05 Jul Wine room in a Sydney home

Paul & Judi’s wine cellar in their Sydney home.

Project Details

The wine room was built was in a former study, adjoining the TV room.
The room measured total 10.5 square metres and had a glass door 3.5m x 3m in size.
Bottle capacity – 930.
Unique design with all custom made elements.
The project brief was to create a wine room & cellar that would serve as a showroom and become a seamless part of the house.

Special Features

This superb wine cellar has been custom designed and installed by Signature Cellars in Sydney, NSW. It features cedar panelling and veneer. The wine racks are also made of cedar wood and it also has a wine cabinet incorporated into it. The wine cellar has a concealed refrigeration system that controls the humidity and temperature and incorporates a continuous running fan as well which helps to maintain a consistent temperature from floor to ceiling.


  • Partnering with Paul and Judi to design and build a custom wine room behind the TV room in their house.
  • Client provided their inputs. Their design inspiration has come from The Cloudy Bay Bar Cellar hidden behind a wall. This secret cellar is located in a private house on the famed Marlborough winery property in New Zealand. The couple had discovered this place a few years ago and drew inspiration from this cellar’s aesthetics.

The Project

From the outset, Paul and Judi were very clear about what they wanted and our team was more than happy to discuss all the details of their planned wine room and cellar. We gathered all the information we could about the overall style and aesthetic they wanted to maintain. Paul was also certain that he wanted cedar as the predominant material.

The wine room project was one part of a total house renovation that took nine months to complete. This also meant our team had to work in sync with the other contractors on site. We aligned all our plans and works with the other renovations that were being carried out in the house.

Showcasing Wines to Perfection

The couple was also sure that they wanted a natural yet sophisticated aesthetic. This included adding pebbles around the periphery of the room. These framed the slate floor tiles to perfection and the space had a subtle yet arresting appearance. Paul and Judi had an impressive wine collection and wanted to make sure that these were stored and displayed perfectly. Paul was also very sure that he didn’t want the standard diamond-shaped racks.

The house also has an existing underground cellar with a traditional design, it’s more of a basic storage space that holds the same number of bottles as the new wine room. But the cellar as primarily a storage space and not where they took guests. In comparison the new wine room was designed and built to showcase the couple’s premium wines. It needed to be impressive yet functional and those are the aspects our team focused on.

Cedar All The Way

Since the idea was to create more of a showroom-like space, we custom-designed the racks and constructed them using powder-coated steel, solid cedar as well as cedar veneer. Traditional diamond-shaped timber racking takes up too much space and the visual appeal of rows upon rows of wine bottles is lost in that type of racking system.

These racks were designed to allow for a clear view of the bottles and there was no timber in between every bottle. We went easy on the use of timber in the rack construction, but did not deviate from the cedar theme throughout. The cedar racks, cedar wall panelling and cedar veneer have created a very warm look in the wine room.

The Perfect Space For Storing and Displaying Wine

The wine cellar as a concealed and refrigeration system that controls the temperature and the humidity. It also has a continuous running fan which helps circulate the air in the room. This ensures a consistent temperature is maintained in every corner of the room. Humidity and temperature are very important aspects of wine cellar or wine room design. These have to be maintained at the recommended levels in order to preserve the quality of the wine.

The other aspect our team focused on was the insulation. We lined the walls and ceiling with coolroom panels made of extruded polystyrene. This will ensure the space is like an insulated box perfect for storing wine. In addition to all these installations, we have also built a wine cabinet that is used expressly for storing rosés and whites at drinking temperature.

We also installed LED lighting on the display shelves. These have low heat emissions, yet provide the right amount of illumination.

Our team had taken the couple’s wine preferences into account while designing this space and managing the humidity and temperature settings. Paul had told us that about 85 per cent of all their wines are red and their collection has a large number of Italian and French wines. Over the years the couple has transitioned from their Australian wine preferences and Judi too prefers Pinot Noir to Shiraz now.

The couple manages their wines with a color-coded sticker system as they tend to age their wines for 10 years before uncorking them. Both Paul and Judi are thrilled with how their wine room has turned out.

They were very happy with the proactive, customised and personalised approach that we adopted throughout the project. We at Signature Cellars are proud of the fact that we are able to collaborate with discerning clients like Paul and Judi to create superb wine cellars and rooms that match their lifestyle and preferences.

To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email

Thanks for reading,
Neil Smallman
Signature Cellars
1300 570 636

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