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Why You Need To Get Your Wine Cellar Lighting Right

wine cellar lighting

30 Aug Why You Need To Get Your Wine Cellar Lighting Right

Getting your wine cellar design right is about ensuring that you use suitable materials and hire an experienced wine cellar designer for the job. While the ambiance of your wine cellar is crucial, it’s even more important the environment is perfect for storing wines.

While most property owners focus on these things, it is crucial to have the right kind of lighting fixtures installed in your wine cellar. Get advice from experts before you decide what kind of fixtures you want. In addition to creating the right environment, there are other reasons why you need to get your wine cellar lighting right such as:

#1 Protection from UV Rays

You will notice that many wines come in dark-coloured bottles. This dark-coloured glass protects the contents from UV light. When wines are exposed to UV rays, it stimulates and alters the organic compounds in them, which results in a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction causes unpleasant flavours and odours to develop in the wine, which leads to spoilage.

Fluorescent lamps emit ultraviolet rays, and you mustn’t install these in your wine cellar. As a prudent wine collector, you must choose lighting fixtures and systems which protect your precious wine from any exposure to UV light.

Aside from this, wines are susceptible to heat. Excessive heat can alter their aroma, texture, and taste. It is necessary to keep the temperatures in the wine room at ideal levels, with very minimal/no fluctuations. Frequent inconsistency in the range of the temperature in the cellar’s cooling unit can result in a breakdown as well.

#2 Protection From Heat

One way to ensure that your wine cellar has the right temperature is to avoid standard light bulbs. These bulbs generate very high amounts of heat, which can affect the climate-controlled environment inside your wine cellar. Custom wine cellar designers always recommend the use of LED lights – these are perfect for appropriate wine cellar lighting.

They do not emit any ultraviolet light and produce very minimal heat. It also means there is no temperature imbalance in your wine cellar. What makes LED lights an ideal option is that they can produce up to 40,000-50,000 hours of illumination with very minimal energy consumption.

#3 Perfect Highlights

Having the right kind of lighting system in your wine cellar is a great way to highlight your precious wines. It is primarily a storage space for your prized collections. But you also want it to be a place where you can showcase your wine bottles, and take your friends and guests. When you have a well-planned lighting setup, it helps to highlight the best features of your wine cellar. So, when you have visitors entering your wine room, their attention will immediately be diverted to your superb collection.

#4 See Wine Labels Clearly

Labels don’t just tell the name but the characteristics of the wines. The most crucial details that you want to know about a bottle of wine would be mentioned on its label. Avid wine collectors are particular about reading and studying what is mentioned on the labels.

As a wine collector, you must install lighting fixtures that will provide sufficient illumination so you can read your wine labels easily. The right kind of lighting will provide the visibility you need without producing excessive heat, which can cause damage to your collection.

To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email info@signaturecellars.com.au.

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