Types Of Lighting and Techniques For Your Wine Cellar Design
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Types of Lighting Fixtures and Techniques To Use in Your Wine Cellar Design

lighting fixtures for wine cellar

17 Jan Types of Lighting Fixtures and Techniques To Use in Your Wine Cellar Design

A wine cellar is much more than a space to store wine bottles. It’s also a lot about convenience, drama, and hospitality. To create the perfect ambience, choosing the ideal lighting for your wine cellar is essential.

People often fail to understand just how important selecting the perfect lighting for their wine cellar design really is. These fixtures will undoubtedly improve the attractiveness of your cellar when placed strategically. However, you must avoid using standard elements. It can increase the temperature of your room, and end up ruining the quality of your valuable wine collection. Here are a few tips that will help you get the lighting of your wine cellar right:

1. Low-Heat and Light Sources

The heat emitted from incandescent and halogen bulbs will prove to be too much for your wine. The heat will undoubtedly ruin the quality of your invaluable wines, which is why it’s much better to opt for LED bulbs that emit relatively less heat.

2. Ceiling Lights

If you shelve your wines from the floor to the ceiling, it’s a good idea to illuminate them using LED downlights. They can easily be installed on your ceiling. Also, you can use unique wall washing trims that emphasise the angles of your wine racks. Another suitable option is using track lighting, and you can also install dimmer switches to control the illumination levels in the room. You can change the brightness based on the occasion.

3. LED Display Lights

LED display lights are a great option if you wish to add versatility to your lighting theme. They work perfectly for floating/freestanding shelves racks that don’t reach all the way from the floor to the ceiling. If you wish to control the look and feel of the room, you can always install dimmable display lights.

4. Accent Lights

Accent lights work wonders if you want to highlight your bottles, shelves, or the overall architecture of the cellar. By including an additional layer of lighting, they effectively contribute to the visual interest of the space. Tape lights, rope lights, or light strips can be installed along the shelves. To create a uniformed look, you can highlight each shelf. You can also use your creativity and install puck lights to spotlight individual bottles, or even accent the racks from below.

5. Backlighting

For the most impactful design, you can consider backlighting your wine racks. The lighting silhouettes the bottles, which create a cleaner and more modern wine cellar design. Besides, it also plays with the colour of the wines. All you have to do is install micro fluorescent light behind the translucent panel.

6. Chandeliers and Hanging Lights

Based on the size of your cellar, installing chandeliers or hanging lights can prove to be a great finishing touch, and will help set the mood of the room. Installing a traditional chandelier will add an old-world elegance to the space.

The wine cellar designer you hire will provide you with all the necessary information about the various materials and light fittings, which will help create a unique look in your cellar. However, it’s crucial to ensure that these elements are used in the perfect proportion so that your wine cellar looks well-balanced.

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