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Tips To Organise Your New Wine Cellar

tips to organise your new wine cellar

26 Mar Tips To Organise Your New Wine Cellar

Many people like the idea of buying different types of wines. However, when they get home, they simply place them with the rest of the wine bottles and forget they ever existed.

When an occasion calls for it, you grab whichever bottle you find first and go about with the day. Over time, you may start to think of the bottles of wine you bought but never opened, but find it tough to locate them in the racks in your cellar. Organizing your wine cellar is a recurring activity, but then you get busy with life and forget about its existence entirely.

If you have some extra time, consider dusting the wine cellar, reminisce about the times you bought the wines, and begin organizing it. Here are a few ways in which you can manage your wine cellar.

The Best Way To Organise Your Custom Wine Cellar

You can never find two identical wine cellars. Each will have its unique design or use based on the person’s wine collection size or personal preference. These are some standard tips to follow to organise your wine storage space:

1. Opt For Grid Systems

Grid systems are ideal. They can help you organise your bottles of wine with extreme ease, irrespective of how big or small your collection may be. Each column of the cellar can be given a letter and each row an individual number, like an Excel sheet. It’ll become easier for you to locate and identify the bottle you want.

2. Valuables Out Of View

The temptation of consuming your premium wines can sometimes be overpowering. Bottles that you wish to age for more extended periods can be stored at the back of your wine cooler or on shelves where you’d find it harder to reach. That will help you avoid temptation more easily. Ones that you wish to consume sooner will automatically be pushed ahead.

3. Use the ‘Style’ Organization Method

Wine enthusiasts who have just started to explore the world of wine and build collections of their own can start by organizing the bottles based on their style/texture. Assembling wines based by texture is preferable if you have a smaller collection. You can categorize the wines as red, dessert, sparkling, white, and rose.

4. The Price Aspect

Organizing wines by price is also another great alternative. This will work if you buy wine randomly and don’t intend on growing your collection over 200-250 bottles. It is also a good option if you’ve just started with cellaring because it allows you to experiment with multiple styles and regions to kickstart your taste buds.

5. Organizing By Variety

Organizing by variety will work well if you have a medium-sized collection focused on new world producers. It’s easier to categorize wines based on their blends, with the dominant flavor standing out. Doing that will make it convenient for you to locate the wine you’re looking for. You can also create a separate unit for blends altogether. Organizing the collection by the vintage is also an option.

6. Segregate By Region

Once you’ve collected over 200 wine bottles from across the globe, you can go ahead and categorize your cellar by countries or regions. Doing this will make it simpler for you to find your preferred bottle.

For example, your collection of California wines will occupy close to 4-5 rows of your cellar. Over time, you can use an entire unit for a specific region in California. An excel spreadsheet comes in handy to keep track of so many bottles. It also makes it more efficient.

7. Organise by Producer

Collectors also become members of various winery clubs and purchase releases labeled as vintage. This method will help grow your collection over time. It can also be profitable for you to group them in sets of twos or more, labeling them as “vintages,” and selling them. To maintain such a collection, you need to first organise the bottles either by variety or region and then by the producer.

Opt For a Wine Inventory App

There are various apps you can use to track your wine collection. Apps like Cellartracker will let you scan the barcodes on bottles and help you organise them more efficiently.

To find out how Signature Cellars can help you design custom, contemporary, classic or spiral wine cellars and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email, and we will respond shortly. Our team is here to help with every aspect of wine cellar planning and design; they will help you choose the perfect materials and fixtures too.

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