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A Guide To Cool Climate Tasmanian Wines

cool climate Tasmanian wines

21 May A Guide To Cool Climate Tasmanian Wines

Tasmania is the Australian state where grapevines were first planted. In spite of this, it continued to be pushed into the shadows of Australia’s wine stage. However, that is no longer the case. The Australian government has done many global wine promotions and Aussie winemakers have put in a significant amount of hard work to make the best of the region’s cool climate to make superb wines.

The Tasmanian Landscape

Whenever there is talk about the world’s most stunning landscapes, Tasmania cannot go without a mention as it is now recognised as a popular wine producing state. Here we look at exactly where its internationally recognised wines are produced. It is a picturesque southernmost Australian state and a popular destination for wine aficionados that come here for a taste of the region’s cool climate wines. The vineyards blend in superbly with the landscape around them.

Tasmania’s Wine Regions

This island state has seven leading wine regions each of which has distinctive quirks and personalities. Here’s a look at these regions:

  • The Tamar Valley, produces about 31%
  • The Coal River Valley, produces about 22%
  • The East Coast wine region produces almost 20%
  • The Pipers River wine region, produces about 17%
  • The Derwent Valley, produces close to 7%
  • The North West wine region, produces approximately 2%
  • The d’Entrecasteaux Channel/Huon Valley produces only 1%

While every winery has some speciality, the state is known for its chardonnay, pinot noir and top-class sparkling wines. The state has abundant natural beauty, incredibly clean air, and amazingly fresh produce to complement its superb wines.

Tasmania is globally renowned for its cold climate wines and retailers and restaurants hold its Riesling, chardonnay and pinot noir in high regard. Unfortunately, these wines are not available in larger quantities; it also means that a major percentage of its wines are sold on this side of the strait. Since the supply of Tasmanian wines is limited, they also demand a higher-than-average cost, making the state one of the most premium regions in Australia.

Tasmania’s World Renowned Sparkling Wines

These cold climate wines are in high demand throughout the world. The wineries here came up with various complex, sublime and elegant sparkling wines that catapulted them to the global wine scene. High quality Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes were used to craft them from vines grown in this fantastic wine region. Kreglinger, Clover Hill, Jansz, Bay of Fires, and the House of Arras are some of Tasmania’s prominent sparkling wine producers.

Tasmania’s Southern Wineries

The southern wineries mostly lie along the island’s eastern coast and some of the most famous names here are Frogmore Creek, Bream Creek, Derwent Estate, Pooley, Stefano Lubiana, Domaine A, and Home Hill.

Tasmania’s Northern Wineries

Tasmania’s north regional standouts include Jansz, Delamere, Pipers Brook, Dalrymple and Josef Chromy. Other wineries and vineyards such as Tamar Ridge, Stoney Rise, Velo, Sinapius, Stoney Rise, Moores Hill, and Holm Oak are also slowly gaining prominence in this space.

The state is full of contrasts and challenges for winemakers here and the cooler seasons and ocean-driven weather have a significant role to play in this. Tasmanian wine producers can find numerous opportunities to create and sell superb wines. This also means that wine aficionados have a pristine yet wide array of choices when it comes to these premium cold climate wines.

The Right Wine Storage Options

If you like drinking and collecting wines, you will also know that storing them correctly is crucial. Getting a custom-designed wine cellar built in your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to store all your wines in the best possible way. We at Signature Cellars are a leading company in this industry and work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the wine cellar of their dreams.

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