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Understanding What A Boutique Wine Is

boutique wine

18 Jun Understanding What A Boutique Wine Is

“Boutique” is an adjective commonly used to describe wineries and wine globally. Yet, most people do not know what a boutique wine is. Within the wine industry, wineries producing fewer than 10,000 cases of wine annually are called boutique wineries. The other terms used to describe these wines are artisanal, handcrafted, limited-production and small-run. However, these terms don’t really capture the essence of what producing a boutique wine involves.

Definition of a Boutique Wine

The word boutique typically refers to a niche company offering highly specialised products or services. While these wines are specialised, the definition in itself doesn’t describe how unique these wines are. These are limited edition wines handcrafted by artisans aiming to create masterpieces, but a truly boutique wine is personalised from its growth to the bottling stages.

From the point that the vineyard is established, the clone and root selection of the vines are tailored to suit the water availability and soil type. The harvesting is timed perfectly, and the producers follow a systematic barrel-aging program. Every step of boutique wine production is personal and purposeful, from the vineyards’ management to the bottling and corking.

Boutique Wines Start at Boutique Vineyards

One notable characteristic that distinguishes boutique wines from others is the vineyard size. The soil structure is one of the determining factors in this respect, but the vineyard’s spread would also decide how the vines are spaced. In comparison, more extensive vineyards cover thousands of acres.

At a vineyard producing boutique wines, every vine gets personal attention. The producers till the soil minimally so that the nutrients in the soil are tilled minimally, preserving the active underground microorganisms. The flavours are infused into the vine’s root system, from where they ultimately are transferred into the boutique wines.

Many boutique wine producers follow sustainable and organic practices such as bio-diversity, which helps attract bees, insects and birds. When natural ecological contribution balances are used, and outside material inputs are kept at minimum levels, the added cost and effort contribute to boutique wines.

Harvesting Practices Used to Produce Boutique Wines

Harvest times at boutique wineries are carefully planned to ensure that all grapes are picked at peak ripeness. Growers nurture the vines right through the season, checking the sugar and acid levels so that they achieve their ideal ripeness, producing artisanal boutique wines of the highest quality.

The producers decide when each vine is ready for harvesting, and the variation reflects every plant’s stress level, moisture level and soil structure. Once the grapes reach the desired ripeness, the vines are handpicked to produce boutique wines with optimal flavours, higher acidity and lower alcohol. These wines are more food-friendly and less likely to give headaches. Because of their soil and terroir, they are also more expensive. These detailed harvest practices are specific to boutique wineries, distinguishing their wines from others in the market.

Making Boutique Wines

The final steps to create boutique wines starts with avoiding excessive grape ripeness, over extraction and extended fermentation, leading to higher alcohol levels and the extraction of overly jammy flavours, which are undesirable. From this point on, the grapes are handled gently. They are aged properly in suitable barrels, with sections matched to the desired wine style.

Every boutique wine is aged carefully, and producers extend the aging process until the wines achieve a luscious, robust texture, translating into a smooth and elegant wine experience. The last step of the boutique wine production process is selecting appropriately aged barrels to blend wines with lively fruit expression with impeccably balanced wine. These wines are created carefully to provide an outstanding experience, but you also need to store them in the right conditions.

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