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Features Of A Vintage-Style Wine Cellar

vintage-style wine cellar

16 Jul Features Of A Vintage-Style Wine Cellar

In days gone by, wine cellars were primarily functional wine storage spaces in homes. Precious wine collections were stacked and stored in a cool, dark environment, away from disturbances, sunlight and heat. The functional aspect was prioritised in wine storage, and they ignored aesthetics and design for the most part.

However, today, there has been a sea change in wine cellar design and people’s expectations of what they look for in their custom wine cellars. Many homeowners in Australia are now choosing to get uniquely designed wine cellars that are not just practical and resilient but also attractive.

If you want a perfectly designed wine cellar with elements such as insulation, lighting, racking systems, temperature, and humidity control systems, you need to hire skilled and experienced wine cellar professionals like us at Signature Cellars.

Different Wine Cellar Design Styles

We come up with unique and stunning wine cellar designs that complement your home’s aesthetic. There are many different design concepts to choose from, such as modern, transitional and vintage. Modern wine cellar design includes various sleek and chic-looking features using materials such as steel and glass. Transitional design is a blend of modern and traditional, and then there are purely vintage style wine cellars with a classic, old-world charm.

About Vintage-Style Wine Cellars

The primary purpose of installing a wine cellar in your home is to have a specially designed space with the perfect environment to store your precious wines. This temperature-controlled room becomes the ideal way to age wine. However, people now expect the cellar to serve far more than this primary purpose when choosing to get a wine cellar installed in their homes.

Custom-designed wine cellars can be as simplistic or opulent as you want them to be. Many consider the installation to be the epitome of style and luxury, an asset to their home and the perfect way to showcase their wine collection. They choose to get a vintage-style wine cellar that will serve all these purposes while also increasing their property’s value.

Key Elements of a Vintage Wine Cellar

If your home’s design aesthetic draws inspiration from 19th-century European design concepts, a vintage-style wine cellar can be the perfect addition to it. These wine cellars have all the features, materials and styling of yesteryear wine-storage spaces, but with a purposeful design. The key elements of a vintage wine cellar include:

  • Located in the basement or an interior room in the home
  • Dark-toned wood and metal racking systems
  • Minimal/no natural light filtering in
  • Decor enhancements such as wooden staves and reclaimed wine barrels

The Use of Mahogany in Vintage Wine Cellar Installation

Most wine cellar designers recommend the use of Mahogany in vintage wine cellar design concepts. This wood looks rustic yet elegant and sophisticated, lending an old-world charm to the space. Here is a detailed look at why Mahogany is the right material choice for your vintage-styled wine cellar:

1. Appearance

Mahogany has a distinctively warm and appealing look that you can notice at first glance. It has a reddish-pink hue that mellows beautifully as time passes. Mahogany’s grain pattern characteristically deflects ambient light, throwing off a deep rich glow.

2. Durability

Homeowners want their wine cellar to be durable, and Mahogany fits the bill perfectly in this regard. This hardwood is heavy and doesn’t become dented or dinged easily, making it the ideal choice for a durable wine cellar.

3. Moisture- Resistance

Mahogany is moisture and decay-resistant, adding to your wine cellar’s longevity. It is also straightforward to stain compared to many other hardwood species, which means you get superbly finished elements without affecting its quality.

The Best Custom Wine Cellar Design

If you like the idea of having an elegant and sophisticated, traditional wine cellar with all the bells and whistles, vintage is the way to go. We can help in all aspects of wine cellar design and planning and ensure that all the elements in that space reflect your style preferences and good taste. We use the best materials, environment-control systems, hardware and lighting fixtures so that your wine cellar functions well and looks great.

For more information about vintage wine cellar design, call Signature Cellars at this number – 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you design the perfect custom wine cellar for your needs.

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