Why Mahogany Is A Great Material Option For Your Wine Cellar
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Why Mahogany is an Excellent Material Option For Your Wine Cellar

why mahogany is a great material option for your wine cellar

30 Jul Why Mahogany is an Excellent Material Option For Your Wine Cellar

Every property owner has definite ideas of what they want their home to look like. When considering a wine cellar for their home, they will naturally want the space to blend seamlessly with their home’s aesthetic. Today, there is a wide range of material options to choose from. However, there is something very distinctive and classic about wood in wine cellar design.

There are many different design themes and concepts that property owners can consider. Interestingly, wood (when used correctly) can fit in beautifully in many traditional and contemporary settings. When you start looking, you will find many different wood species available, and the choice you make will depend on factors such as your home’s styling, the other features and materials in your cellar and the overall aesthetic you want to create.

Mahogany – An Excellent Option for Wine Cellars

Skilled and experienced designers can provide their input and ideas and help guide your choices. You can select White Oak, Redwood, Cedar or Heard Redwood for your wine racks. However, Mahogany stands out as the preferred material for these elements. It looks elegant and sophisticated and is available in two subspecies – Amber Blaze and Prime Mahogany.

Both these mahogany species have an attractive deep reddish-brown colour, which oozes luxury. Amber Blaze is denser than Prime Mahogany, but both species are equally robust and resistant to infestation, decay and rot. They both have superb, tightly packed grain patterns that stand out beautifully when the right finishes and stains are used.

Mahogany has a natural beauty that can help create a unique looking wine cellar in your home. If you want a traditional, chic look in this space, use Prime Mahogany. It has an understated elegance that’s hard to beat. On the other hand, if you prefer a bolder styling and aesthetic, opt for Amber Blaze Mahogany that spells ultimate luxury.

Why Mahogany Is an Ideal Choice

Let’s take a closer look at why Mahogany is such a great material option for your wine cellar:

  • Appearance – This wood is a statement piece in its own right. It means that when you use appropriately stained and finished Mahogany in your wine cellar, avoid any other over-the-top features and finishes. If you stick to the “less is more” concept while using Mahogany in wine cellar design, this space will look effortlessly luxurious. Skilled designers will provide the best designs for your wine cellar racking systems, based on discussions with you. Mahogany ages very well, and it slowly transforms into a deeper reddish-brown tone over time. If you install ambient lighting, the grain will give an alluring, rich glow.
  • Resistance – As mentioned earlier, Mahogany is decay, moisture, and infestation-resistant, increasing your custom wine cellar’s longevity. It also takes stains much more quickly than most other wood species, so you get terrific finishes without compromising quality.
  • Durable – Every property owner looks for this characteristic in their wine cellar design. Mahogany is a heavy and dense hardwood that will not check, warp or shrink. It is also less susceptible to dents and bumps, so your cellar and the racks will look as good as new for decades as long as you do the essential maintenance.

High-Quality Custom Wine Cellar Design and installation

Regardless of the wood species and other materials you use, you also need skilled and experienced designers to help you plan and design all aspects of your wine cellar. At Signature Cellars, we work closely with our clients; provide the customised plans. Our team designs the racks perfectly so that your wine bottles have the perfect storage system. They will provide scalable designs to accommodate a growing wine collection if required.

We recommend and source the best materials, use the latest construction techniques and focus on aspects such as insulation, temperature and humidity control in your wine cellar. This attention to detail goes a long way in ensuring that your wine cellar is truly unique, comfortable and a pleasure to use while being a value-addition to your home.

For more information about material options for your wine cellar, call us on 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you design the perfect custom wine cellar for your needs.

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Neil Smallman
Signature Cellars
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