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The Best Wine Rack Options For Compact Cellars

best wine rack options for compact cellars

07 Oct The Best Wine Rack Options For Compact Cellars

When you finally decide to have a wine cellar installed in your house, you need to first think about how much space it will take up. When you come to a well-established and reputed company like us at Signature Cellars, you can rest assured knowing that we will provide you with high-quality customised solutions.

A large majority of people may not have the space required to have a massive cellar installed. Those who live in condos or apartments have limited space, so a wine room is a more suitable option. However, if you have space for a compact cellar you will need some suitable wine rack options. Here are some ideas that can help you keep all bottles organised in a tight space.

You wouldn’t have to store your bottles on the bottom shelf of your bar cart; you can instead opt to create a stylish wine cellar in your home. Choose from a range of options, including industrial grid racks ideal for wine enthusiasts or leather racks if you want to go for something a bit more tasteful. Honeycomb racks have also become an increasingly popular choice that can blend in exceptionally well with your décor.

1. Vertical Wine Racks

A library-style wine rack would be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wine racks. However, this might be hard to pull off if you don’t have a lot of space. In such settings, the best option for you is vertical wine racks. They occupy far less space and are perfect for neatly storing your bottles.

2. Hanging Wine Racks

Those looking to store their bottles with wine glasses should undoubtedly go for hanging wine racks incorporating under-shelf stemware storage. This is an ideal option for beginner collectors, and the racks will meet your requirements.

3. Wall Mounted Wine Racks

If you’re dealing with space issues, wall-mounted wine racks are perfect for you. In case you have a collection of wine that doesn’t necessarily require a particular for storage, wall-mounted racks are the ideal option for you to showcase your wines in a classy way.

You can either opt for a more traditional cork-forward format or go with the label-forward format that’s much more contemporary. You can also consider a blend of wood and metal racking elements with a customised space for your stemware.

4. Mini Stacks

These high-quality racking units are relatively smaller than your typical wine racks. They can easily be installed in any space. You can choose from various styles, including Bin wine racks, open bin wine racks, glass rack units, individual wine racks, or a diamond slat wine rack. The term mini stacks makes it sound like they will not be able to accommodate larger bottles like magnums.

However, when you get these scalable units customised, you have the option to choose the rack opening sizes you prefer. As its name suggests, you can stack your bottles to the desired racking height. The racking system has straightforward yet classy design making it easier to match them with your existing racks or even your furniture. Mainly crafted from premium redwood, you can select a stain option to complement your wine cellar’s theme. Some wood stain options include dark walnut, light stain, classic mahogany, or even a bold midnight black stain.

5. Cube Wine Racks

This is a highly cost-effective option that’s both durable and expandable, making it a great alternative to gift someone or even have it installed at your house. These pine wine rack cabinets can easily store up to six bottles. With only 8 screws, this is arguably the easiest wine rack you can assemble.

6. Alcove Wine Racks

If your wine cellar has alcoves or nooks, get customised floor-to-ceiling frames to turn that space into a focal point. You can easily create tailored, label-forward wine storage that has a unique look to it.

7. Slim Storage

A well-thought-out custom-designed floor-to-ceiling frame can form wine storage that’s along the wall with some floor space.

For more information about the perfect wine racks for compact cellars and our custom wine cellar solutions, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you design the ideal custom wine cellar for your needs.

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