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What Wine Cellar Maintenance Should You Focus On

wine cellar maintenance

03 Dec What Wine Cellar Maintenance Should You Focus On

Your wine cellar’s integrity depends on various aspects, and the most important one is maintenance. Just as you get your vehicle maintained regularly, you must also ensure that this feature in your home gets the attention it needs to keep it in excellent condition at all times.

Wine cellars have several features and elements that must perform competently to ensure the perfect environment for your precious wines. Neglect and poor maintenance can affect the cooling system, humidity control systems and other features, becoming expensive to fix in the long term.

Aspects Of Wine Cellar Maintenance That Matter

Some things that experts focus on in wine cellar maintenance include:

1. Checking The Cooling System For Leaks

Leaks can occur in split-system cooling units for a variety of reasons. They are usually caused by cracks in the condensing unit, created by long periods of use and typically occur in a year or later. Freon refills are required to keep the cooling system working.

Leakage occurs in self-contained units as well. However, because these units have all of their components compressed into one unit, freon leakage might compromise other sections, necessitating replacement rather than refilling.

Leaks are usually detectable without the need for immediate service, but you need to fix them sooner than later. It is simple to discover defects and prevent major leaks if owners check the performance of their cooling systems regularly. Furthermore, it is critical to have the Freon checked and evaluated every six months to ensure that it is in good working order.

2. Checking Insulation

Once you get your cellar installed by experts, you can be confident that the insulation will be in good condition for years. However, if you have purchased a home with a wine cellar, you should get the entire feature inspected, including the insulation installations. You should check the walls and ceilings for cracks and fissures in the panelling. You should assess the doors similarly. Any leaks in the insulation will only stress your cooling and temperature control system, affecting your wines.

3. Lighting Installation checks

This is another vital check to conduct during wine cellar maintenance. The lights and bulbs that you install should not heat up, and if you have standard bulbs, replace them with LED ones. These emit cooler light and last longer as well. During the lighting system check, the experts will also check the wiring and other connected installations.

If the wine cellar professionals find any issues during wine cellar inspection, they should inform you about it and provide suitable fixes. Timely repairs and replacements of features and installations help ensure that your wine cellar and its content stay in excellent condition for years. Make sure that the interior spaces of the cellar, the furniture and racks are dust-free, so your wines have a clean and hygienic environment in which to age.

Wine Cellar Maintenance And Repairs

At Signature Cellars, we provide high-quality wine cellar design and installation services. But we are also here to handle upgrades. Our team will guide you on the maintenance processes to follow so you have full control over your wine cellar’s condition. When we plan and install these features, we use the best materials so you can be sure that your wine cellar will perform without glitches. Preventive maintenance and timely intervention go a long way in retaining your wine cellar’s condition and value.

Work with experienced professionals with experience in wine cellar maintenance and repairs. It also helps to be aware of what can go wrong and keep an eye out for issues. As mentioned, timely intervention matters a great deal. Contact experts if you notice the temperature and humidity control systems not functioning as they should. Your wines must be stored in suitable environs if you want to maintain their condition and value for a long time.

For any more information about the ideal wine cellar insulation and our custom design solutions, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you design the perfect custom wine cellar for your needs. We work with you to understand your needs and provide the best wine cellars as per your needs.

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