Why Does Your Wine Cellar Need To Have A Vapour Barrier?
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Why Does Your Wine Cellar Need To Have A Vapour Barrier?

“Why Does Your Wine Cellar Need To Have A Vapour Barrier?” is locked Why Does Your Wine Cellar Need To Have A Vapour Barrier

17 Dec Why Does Your Wine Cellar Need To Have A Vapour Barrier?

One of the most critical aspects of a wine cellar is maintaining the right temperature. A vapour barrier is one method of controlling the climate in this space. While most wine cellar owners are unfamiliar, with what a vapour barrier is and how it works, it’s a good idea to educate yourself to guarantee your wine cellar operates correctly. Discover why a vapour barrier is critical in your wine cellar.

What Is A Wine Cellar Vapour Barrier?

Essentially, a vapour barrier separates the atmosphere surrounding your wine cellar from the environment within. While it does not prevent warm air in your house from getting to the cooler interiors of your wine cellar (insulation accomplishes that), it does contribute significantly to controlling the environment. Your wine cellar’s ambient temperature should be lower than the surrounding region. A vapour barrier is critical for maintaining an appropriate humidity level in the wine cellar.

The Importance Of Creating A Vapour Barrier 

It’s necessary to understand what occurs when an imbalance occurs between hot and cold to appreciate the value of a vapour barrier. Consider driving in freezing weather. Naturally, you turn on your car’s heat to warm up the interiors. When you do this, moisture condenses on your windshield. Now apply the same principle to your wine storage.

When you attempt to chill the wine room below the temperature of the rest of your home, the humidity or moisture from the warmer area (your home or restaurant) condenses upon contact with the much colder location (your wine cellar). Condensation will form if you do not install a suitable barrier to separate these two conflicting environments.

Does Every Wine Cellar Need A Vapour Barrier?

Yes. Any climate-controlled wine cellar, regardless of its location, requires vapour barriers. If you’re going to cool a wine cellar, you will need insulation, which requires a barrier. This prevents warm, wet air from infiltrating the space, developing mould in humid conditions. The vapour barrier helps regulate the humidity inside the basement in dry weather. 

Typically, a vapour barrier is installed between the insulation layer and the foundation wall, and you need to install it on the exterior of the wine cellar! While there are various insulation alternatives, closed-cell foam is a widely used, effective method of insulating and vapour proofing your wine cellar. The benefit of polyurethane (closed-cell foam) is that it produces a vapour barrier as it skims over, and you will not need to install plastic sheeting as with other solutions. 

This material expands and fills the cracks and crevices, leaving no gaps. If any wiring, conduit, or piping runs through the basement wall, spray foam forms a tight seal around it, eliminating the possibility of vapour penetration. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your wine cellar is well protected from the outdoor environment. 

What Can Happen If You Do Not Install A Vapour Barrier?

When a wine cellar does not have a vapour barrier or is not placed correctly, condensation may accumulate, dampening the insulation and causing mould build-up. Condensation may also compromise the integrity of the basement walls, making your cooling system work even harder to maintain the proper humidity level within the cellar, consequently causing it to fail. You want to keep moisture away from the chilly surface.

Working with wine cellar installation specialists such as Signature Cellars is the best way to ensure that you have the right kind of insulation. Our experts will assess the area in which your wine cellar will be built and provide recommendations on installation and vapour barrier alternatives to keep your climate-controlled cellar operating effectively. If you’re considering installing a new wine cellar in your home, talk to our experts, get their opinion and input on design, and vapour barrier installation. You can be sure that they will provide sound advice. 

For more information about vapour barrier installation and our custom design solutions, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you design the perfect custom wine cellar for your needs. They will consider all crucial aspects while planning this feature so your wine bottles get the perfect indoor environment.

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