How To Choose The Perfect Racking System For Your Wine Cellar
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Tips To Choose The Perfect Racking System For Your Wine Cellar

how to choose the perfect racking system for your wine cellar

22 Apr Tips To Choose The Perfect Racking System For Your Wine Cellar

You’ll need a place to put all those bottles after you’ve begun collecting wine. A wine refrigerator or cooler may be a suitable option for certain collectors. However, their collection rapidly outgrows the compact wine cooler unit for many enthusiasts. The next natural step is buying wine racks and building a wine cellar.

You’re not alone if you’re unsure about the type of wine racks to purchase. Finding the correct one may be difficult with so many different kinds and sizes of wine racks to choose from. Here are some advice and suggestions from our wine cellar designers to help you to determine which wine rack to buy.

1. Location

The first step in selecting a wine rack is determining where you will install it. Many people make the blunder of putting their wine rack in the kitchen, where sunshine and fluctuating temperatures can quickly spoil the wine. Finding the optimum place for wines for immediate consumption (typically between one and two months’ worth of wine) is a better idea initially. Install a wine cellar with custom-designed wine racks in the coldest part of the house, ideally the basement.

2. Capacity

Determining how much wine you’ll want to keep is one of the most challenging components of purchasing a wine rack. The answer to this problem is contingent not on the amount and types of wines consumed. Many wine racks have conventional slots that will not accommodate specific wine bottles.

Magnums are larger than regular Bordeaux bottles, and most champagne bottles also require wider holes. Burgundies, certain pinot noirs, and chardonnays need bigger wine rack openings than the typical three and a half-inch spacing. Create room on the wine shelf for splits and magnums. Many half-bottles are becoming increasingly popular, especially among dual-income couples, and you’ll need to make space for them.

3. Wine Rack Materials And Construction

The majority of wine racks are constructed of wood. However, there are a few variants made of metal. A suitable option is heavy-duty metal wire racking with nested bottle holders. Because the bent wire racking holds the bottlenecks in place, it helps keep the bottles on their sides, preventing them from sliding around. Ensure the racks are level and, if they are tall, secure them to the wall.

Take a close look at the wine rack structure you plan to buy. Before buying a product, look at a few key construction aspects, such as:

The wine rack will be sturdier and more stable if the bottle holders plus horizontal stabiliser bars are fixed to the vertical bars.

The wood thickness used in the building of wine racks is also essential. It’s best to use 3/4-inch wooden wine racks glued, nailed, and fastened with nails for optimal stability and long-term, heavy usage.

Even if they are significantly less expensive, do not purchase substandard wood wine racks. Cheaply made items are prone to breaking.

Wine racks are available in various woods, spanning from mahogany to pine. Hardwoods like redwood or mahogany are widely used to create high-quality wine racks because they endure a long time and are robust enough to support large wine bottles. Pine and other softer wood species are used to make lower-cost wine shelves. Cedar, an aromatic wood, is used to create specific wooden wine racks. Wine racks made of cedar or varnished with wood stain might taint your wines, so avoid them.

Design Your Own Wine Cellar

Wine racks should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from vibration in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. . It’s best to consult experts for all your wine racking needs. Discuss your ideas and requirements with them so that they will come up with the best solution for your needs. They can assist with everything from racking system ideas to cellar layout to material selection. When planning your customised wine cellar, keep all of these considerations in mind to provide the ideal storage area for your wines.

For details about custom wine cellar design and installation services, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. Our experts help you develop the ideal custom wine cellar for your requirements. They will discuss your needs before coming up with the best designs and layouts.

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