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Popular Wine Cellar Design Concepts

popular wine cellar design concepts

20 May Popular Wine Cellar Design Concepts

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to properly understand the importance of storing wine. Anyone who enjoys their wines will want to ensure that their favourite collection of wines is stored at the perfect temperature and humidity, with just the right amount of lighting to prevent the wine from getting affected.

Wine cellars are critical to protecting your wine from harsh elements, all while being set up to showcase your beautiful collection. Here are a few of the most famous wine cellar design concepts you can choose from:

1. Classic Wine Cellars

These wine cellars are often inspired by the traditional style and design of 19th-century European wine cellars. Classic wine cellars are the perfect choice for those who wish to pay homage to Old World wine roots. The primary differences between old-world wine cellars and today’s more sophisticated ones are the thought that goes into designing them. Here are a few key elements of classic wine cellars:

  • Little or no natural light
  • Basement location
  • Wood or metal racking in dark tones
  • Décor enhancements like reclaimed wooden staves or wine barrels


2. Transitional Wine Cellars

This is among the most popular wine cellar styles that people often go for, as it seamlessly blends the traditional, old-fashioned appreciation with today’s fashionable design concepts. Wine cellar designers incorporate warm rooms with natural tones, a glass viewing area, and a display-style racking design. Here are a few key elements of transitional wine cellars:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Other natural elements
  • Blend of metal and wood racking
  • Glass viewing areas
  • Located in entertainment zones


3. Modern or Contemporary wine cellars

In most cases, wine displays are airy, light, and open. Besides, they also place the design aspect before long-term functionality. This style has been gaining popularity in Southern California and slowly making its way to other parts. Modern or contemporary wine cellars are now a common design concept in many homes and restaurants. Here are a few critical elements of these wine cellars:

  • Metal wine racking
  • Prominent placement in entertaining zones
  • Glass walls
  • Natural, pass through light


Several Unique Wine Cellar Designs

Here are a few unique wine cellar concepts you can go for:

1. Glass Enclosure

These glass-enclosed wine storage solutions can be incorporated into any part of your house and often land on the modern design style spectrum. Besides, this storage option gives you versatility regarding the number of glass walls. For instance, you can go for four walls in the centre of the room, making it a statement piece, or in the corner of a room with two walls. Remember that you need to minimise the amount of light, which means you need shading solutions and your glass enclosure.

2. Cable wine system

This design concept offers a considerable amount of flexibility when displaying your collection. Your collection will appear suspended in mid-air, having the space between the bottles and various angles, and design aspects will adorn the cabling.

3. Wine Cellar Rooms

An entire room is repurposed and transformed into a place to store your wine collection. You can provide your specific design inputs, incorporating them into the style of your property. You can combine aspects from both classic and modern techniques and style it to resemble a Parisian wine bar, complete with storage hidden from the light.

4. Curved Wine Racks

You can easily create a unique and fresh design concept by opting for a storage solution where you can utilise curved wine racks to store your collection. Besides creating an exciting design, you get additional breathing space on your shelves. However, it’s crucial to incorporate a cooling element, as higher temperatures can harm your wines.

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or an occasional drinker, displaying your wine beautifully is always a great idea. Carry out some basic research to determine which wine storage solutions best suit your requirements.

Regardless of the type of wine you enjoy, proper storage is critical, and this is where our tailored storage solutions come in. Our skilled and knowledgeable designers will develop the perfect wine cellar concept based on your needs and budget. They will work with you closely, including your vision and ideas into the final design to deliver precisely what you want.

For details about custom wine cellar design and installation services, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636.

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