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Wine Cellaring Secrets

wine cellaring secrets

01 Jul Wine Cellaring Secrets

Nothing is more satisfying than opening a beautifully cellared, perfectly matured bottle of wine. In addition to bringing up memories of the moment it was acquired, it frequently raises concerns about its condition. Is the wine drinkable, or has it passed its prime?

Were you aware that most wine bottles are consumed within a few days of purchase? It is so! But there is something extraordinary about discovering the varied characteristics that develop in old wine. Here, we disclose the secrets of wine cellars, including what to look for in a wine to ensure that it will age correctly and the ideal storage conditions.

Best Ways To Know If A Wine Is Worth Cellaring

First, remember that time will not improve a mediocre bottle of wine into a wonderful one. It is a frequent misunderstanding that a few seasons in the cellar would change a poor wine into something remarkable; a mediocre bottle of wine will simply mature into a mediocre bottle. The flaws you observe in a wine while it is young will only intensify with time.

Purchase high-quality wines that were created with maturing in mind. Some wines are designed to be consumed when young, whilst others have intense tannins and are relatively tight with vegetal flavours, indicating that they were created to be aged. How long a wine will last is determined by its structure.

The Best Conditions For Aging Wine

It suffices to say that wine stored improperly would not be at its peak when opened years later, regardless of how excellent the bottle was when it was put away. Wine is inconsistent and must be cellared with care to enjoy it perfectly. For instance, excessively high temperatures can render wine undrinkable. You should store your wine in a dark, cold, and vibration-free environment with minimal temperature variations. Ideal wine storage temperatures are 18 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Tips To Keep Your Wine Cellar Organised

A method is required to track what you have in your wine cellar and when you will consume it. There are available apps such as Vivino and Delectable, or you might utilise pen and paper. Keep a cellar book to record how much you have and when you need to consume it. Some individuals opt to organise their wine cellar such that the ready-to-drink wines are at the top of their racks.

This needs commitment, as regular bottle movement is required. Separate your reds, whites, sparkling wines, and fortifieds, and affix tags with the wine’s name, vintage, and recommended drinking year to the necks of the bottles. This process allows them to remain undisturbed until their optimal drinking window.

Why You Should Cellar Wine

The passage of time in the cellar imparts a seemingly mystical character to the wine, converting it from a fruit-forward beverage with a rigid structure into a smooth and sophisticated beverage. The wine’s hue, aroma, and flavour will alter as it ages in the bottle. While reds lose their vibrancy, whites acquire a golden tint and gain colour. The acidity and tannins subside, and the fruit flavours turn savoury, delicate, and rounded. It is recommended to decant older wines to let the flavours and aromas mingle with air and bring forth their full potential.

How To Determine If Your Wines Are Past Their Prime

Select wines from your cellar and sample them to observe their evolution. You should avoid missing a wine’s ideal drinking window at all costs. When stored correctly, decades-old wines will be as fresh and bright as the day they were bottled.

Others that have been stored for too long will no longer be in their prime. The easiest method to prevent this is to fill your cellar with many bottles of the same wines and sample them every few years.

Always consult with skilled wine cellar designers and get their input on everything from design structuring, racking materials, flooring, lighting, temperature and humidity control installations, insulation materials, and more. For information about custom wine cellar designing services, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. We are here to help with all your wine cellar requirements from start to finish so that you have the customised wine cellar of your dreams.

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