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Signature Cellars

Signature Cellars are the experts in designing and building unique wine storage solutions

Wine Storage Solutions

Our company was established when we realised that the the residential wine storage market was being neglected by other companies in our industry. Our directors decided that homeowners needed a one-stop-shop that would provide them with the latest and best wine storage solutions. At Signature Cellars, we provide interesting, functional, and beautiful wine cellar solutions to our clients. We will plan and manage every detail and make sure you have a wine cellar that perfectly suits your requirements.

Through our network of partners and manufacturers, we are able to offer a broad range of medium to large-scale wine storage solutions to our customers. We can handle everything from passive underground spiral cellars that can comfortably hold 1,000 bottles to temperature controlled, luxury walk-in wine tasting rooms capable of storing several thousand bottles.

We are fully experienced, properly qualified, licensed and insured builders. Building License: 286868C

What Makes us Stand Out?

A wine cellar can be a big investment and is usually a one-time expense. That means you need to hire someone reliable and trustworthy to handle the design and installation job for you. We have successfully completed many wine cellar constructions in the past so our designers and installers are very familiar with the process. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring us:

Custom Built Wine Cellars
  • Excellent Wine Cellar Design – We love to combine form with function so we design wine cellars that look good and function well. Our designers will carefully assess and measure the space reserved for wine cellars in your home and come up with a design that suits your requirements. We offer a number of options so you can choose between bespoke design, contemporary cellars, classic architecture, and spiral cellars. Our designers will offer unbiased opinions on all of these options and ensure you make your decision with your eyes open.
  • Custom Cellars – Different people have different expectations from their wine cellars. Some wine collectors want to age wine and require a cellar that will provide the perfect environment. Some clients want clear and easily manageable storage so they can identify individual wine bottles easily and remove them for consumption. We consider your references and customise the wine cellar designs to suit. Our designers will also make sure that your cellar fits in with the overall decor and architecture of your property as well.
  • Attention to Detail – We pay keen attention to detail and double check everything during the design and construction process. Wine cellars create a balanced environment to help preserve the wines. If the design is flawed, the environment wouldn’t be balanced and your wine might become spoiled. We take care not to make mistakes and are meticulous in our work. Our designers will pay attention to the smallest design details to ensure your wine cellar looks and functions well.
  • Latest Technology – Modern technology has made it easier to properly store wine and maintain a balanced environment inside the cellar. We can install a system that will allow you to consider the temperature and humidity levels and adjust it according to your requirements. We also use the latest technology in wine cellar design and construction. Our designers will use efficient software to plan the look and feel of the cellar and present an accurate estimate to you. We use modern technology to install the cellars quickly and efficiently so there are no delays in the project.
  • Advice and Support – We’re always ready to help our clients with wine cellar design and installation. If you have any questions about your budget, cellar requirements, design, and space, you can contact us and speak with our experts. Our designers have extensive knowledge of the wine industry and know how to recreate an ideal environment for wine storage. They will offer advice on all aspects of the project so you can make a well- informed decision about your wine cellar.

Signature Cellars’ Directors

Neil has worked with Spiral Cellars as our main Australian distributor since 2010 and enjoys collecting wine in his own 2.5m White Spiral Cellar, which is available to view by appointment in Clovelly. Richard and Craig have a combined total of over 20 years’ in the construction industry as owners of the residential building firm, Create Construction.

At Signature Cellars, we specialise in building wine spaces that store in excess of 1,000 bottles. We can handle all kinds of challenges so you should contact us matter how big or complicated the project is. Our company has the skill, manpower, and experience to build cellars of all sizes. We will design beautiful and functional spaces that fit perfectly into your budget as well.

For more information on wine storage design and construction, you can call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to assist you.

Custom Built Quality

Signature Cellars expert in designing and building unique wine storage spaces

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