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Bespoke Wine Cellars

Turn your dream of owning a custom wine cellar into a reality!

Signature Cellars can custom build your cellar offering a totally unique and one off design to suit your needs or to your architects requirements. While bespoke wine cellars may cost a little more money, your exclusive cellar will provide the control you need to store and age your wines efficiently in a design that is individual and entirely to your own personal taste.

Building Your Custom Wine Cellar:

At Signature Cellars, we can provide a complete turn-key solution to create your dream wine storage solution, from initial design concept to practical completion and you enjoying your wine. Your cellar will fulfil your requirements and will be scalable enough to accommodate a growing wine collection. We have designed and installed many custom-made wine cellars so we have ample experience with the process. Our designers will make sure you have an efficient and beautiful space to store your precious wine collection.

Custom Wine Cellar

Our Services Includes:

  • Architectural drawings- You can assess details about the wine cellars and features from the drawings and determine if the design suits your requirements. The drawings will give you a clear idea of what your finished cellar would look like; so you can make alterations if needed before the design and installation process has begun.
  • Scheduling and project management of different trades– We will communicate with the different professionals involved in cellar construction and installation to ensure your project is on track and is completed in time. Our experts will also double check every aspect of the cellar to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Manufacture and installation of your bespoke wine cellar- Once we have all the information we need and you have approved of the cellar design, we start working on the manufacture and installation. This process is carried out in an organised and meticulous manner so we don’t miss anything. Our experts will check the performance of the cellar carefully before they consider the project complete and provide the final bill.
  • Fitting of insulation and climate control-Most clients want efficient climate control in their bespoke wine cellars. Our designers and professionals are familiar with the latest in climate control technology and will create spaces that have enough humidity, low temperature, and low levels of sunlight. We will also install systems to control vibration and ensure your wine bottles aren’t agitated.
  • Accessories like lighting, “frameless” glass entry doors, and a fingerprint scanner can also be installed; these will add to the design and functionality of your wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellar Prices:

Our Custom Wine Cellars are one off, bespoke projects, and accordingly prices are dependent on several factors including materials, lighting, optional extras and the size of the project. We will engage with you and your architect in a full design consulting package to meet your needs before confirming your schedule of finishes and final costing.

Prices are dependent on the size of room and type of finish required. Please enquire for more details by calling Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or via our contact page.

Custom Wine Cellar

A Modern Take on Wine Cellars:

The interiors of traditional wine cellars are made almost entirely from timber and are stunning to look at. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive to install and difficult to maintain. We recommend our modern and contemporary custom-built wine cellars to clients who want something more functional and affordable. You won’t need to compromise on design or quality because our modern cellars look beautiful and can easily fit in with the design of your home. Here are some stand-out traits of our modern cellars:

Powder coated steel wine racks can save on costs, are resilient and durable and offer a contemporary look and feel. Metal Wine Storage can start from as little as $13,000 +gst for racking only and from $65,000 + gst for a fully climate controlled installation. Your final quote will be based on a number of factors including finishes, lighting, optional extras and the size of the project. For a sophisticated look, we normally recommend using black powder-coated metal wine racking

  • LED back lights will further enhance the stylish presentation of your wine collection. These lights are strategically placed on the rack to provide ample illumination without compromising the quality of your wines. The lights add to the ambience and provide a beautiful wine tasting experience.

We can also arrange for the supply and installation of insulation, climate control, lighting and other services. Prices dependent on size of room and type of finish required.

The Process

Each of our bespoke wine cellars is designed and engineered to be a stunning and unique show-piece. We invest a lot of care and planning into the structure to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with it. Here’s what we do after you contact us:

  • Our design experts arrive at your property to assess the available space and take the required measurements.
  • Once we have the measurements, we will discuss the design and your specific requirements. Our designers will recommend different materials and provide wine cellar style options so you can make an informed decision about the designs.
  • After all the details are finalised and the racks are manufactured, our installers will arrive at your property to carry out the installation process.
  • Please enquire for more details by calling Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or via our contact page.

From Dream To Concept To Reality

We blend your vision, your architect’s plans and our flair for high-end design to give you a stunning space that will vibrant and memorable.

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