Contemporary Wine Cellars

We are authorised Australian dealers for Kessick LLC

Kessick Wine Cellars:

Kessick Wine Cellars are the US manufacturers of the contemporary Vinium and eleVate Series custom made wine storage systems, as seen on

Vinium Wine Storage:

The Vinium Wine Storage System is a sleek and modern stainless steel rods with engineered timber or clear acrylic supports and timber cabinetry creates a contemporary and visually stunning floating feature in which to display your wine bottles. LED back lights will further enhance the stylish presentation of your collection. Each wine cellar is designed and engineered to be a stunning and unique show-piece.

Vinium Wine Storage Prices:

Prices for Vinium start from around $10,000 per linear metre of wall space for racking only.

EleVate Wine Storage:

The EleVate wine storage system allows for acrylic or timber cradles to be suspended by stainless steel rods to present your wine bottles in an unique and stunning format. The stainless steel rods are engineered to span vertically between timber cabinetry at floor and ceiling level to provide structure. LED display lighting will further enhance the presentation of your collection. The cradles and structural elements can be manufactured from a range of different materials, including timber, metal, glass, acrylic and more. A variety of different timber species is available with different stains and lacquer finishes also available.

EleVate Wine Storage Prices:

Prices for eleVate start from around $8,000 per linear metre of wall space for racking only.

Contemporary Wine Storage Elements:

We can also arrange for the supply and installation of insulation, climate control, lighting and other services. Prices dependant on size of room and type of finish required. Please enquire for more details and a complimentary site visit, measure and quote for your very own Contemporary Wine Cellar.

Additional Information:

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