Spiral Cellars

We are the exclusive installation partner of the unique Spiral Cellar.

What are Spiral Cellars:

They are an innovative, watertight, cylindrical system that provides natural cooling and passive ventilation to an underground room in which to store your wine. These wine cellars often require no additional energy to maintain and can be fully installed in just 2 weeks!

The Original Spiral Cellar has been around for 30 years and is a good option for wine storage with budget in mind.

Spiral Cellar Installation:

They can be accessed through a variety of trap doors in the floor that can take tiles, floorboards or even a motorised glass door. They can be located almost anywhere (preferably a south facing room) and can be installed into an already existing ground floor room, or can be incorporated into the build of an extension or new property.

Why install a Spiral Cellar:

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or looking to create a point of distinction in your next build, they are guaranteed to give that you that wow factor.

Spiral Cellars are a particularly effective solution in a property where floor space is at a premium, such as many inner city dwellings. As they are underground and take up no floor space ratio they are a space saving as well as a stunning feature in which to store your wine, while allowing maximum usable living space above ground.

The Capacity:

The premium cellar is the White Spiral Cellar, which can hold between 1100 to 1800 wine bottles depending on its depth.

The cost of a Spiral Cellar:

Prices start from around $62,000 fully installed for a 2.0m. Original Spiral Cellar with Standard Trap Door and Bulkhead lighting; and up to $115,000 for a 3.0m. White Spiral Cellar with Motorised Round Glass Door and LED lighting.

A discount is applicable if your own builder arranges the excavation and other site works.

Spiral Cellars in Australia

Custom Built Wine Cellars

Watch this great video of how ingenious Spiral Cellars are constructed.