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Safe, Stylish Storage

What are Stylish Spiral Cellars:

A Spiral Cellar is a modern way to have a real cellar in your home. It’s a natural underground cellar built from concrete and fitted in to the ground below your home, so there is no need to have an existing basement or cellar.

  • Climate Controlled so Your Wine is Safe
  • 1900 Bottles Stored in a Small Space
  • Installed Under ANY Ground Room Floor
Spiral Wine Cellaring
Spiral Cellar

Why install a Stylish Spiral Cellar:

  • Up to 1900 Bottles
    A Spiral Cellar is the perfect way to cellar your collection and affords the opportunity to keep up to 1900 bottles of your wine close to hand to drink now or in ideal lay-down conditions. You no longer have to create the space for refrigeration or invest in inconvenient bonded warehouse space.
  • Age Your Own Wine
    With a Spiral Cellar your storage conditions are tip top and you’ll have the confidence to take advantage of buying wine young or en primeur and aging it yourself. You’ll avoid the increased costs that come with buying wine when it is ready to drink and you’ll get the chance to more easily store and catalogue vertical tastings and phased openings, to ensure you catch your wine at its very best.
  • Extend the Life of Your Wine
    We know the right conditions are vital when it comes to wine storage. The solid concrete construction, built-in natural ventilation and the correct position in your home together create the right temperature and humidity for optimum cellaring conditions.
  • Visually Striking Design
    Choosing a Spiral Cellar is more than a smart move towards quality wine storage. For some it can add a striking new interior design feature to the home and make your wine collection centre stage, by choosing from our glass door and enhanced lighting options.
  • Host a Wine Tasting
    Attending wine tasting events or visiting wine regions and buying impromptu cases that hold special memories, in the confidence that you have the capacity at home, has never been so good. More importantly the capacity of a Spiral Cellar means you will have the space to really indulge your passion and see your whole collection at once, so there’s less chance of forgetting what you have or losing track of the bin ends.
  • Return on Your Investment
    Finally, to tick the ‘return on investment’ box, not only will a Spiral Cellar add a unique selling feature should you ever move, it will also undoubtedly add value and earn its investment back in 10-15 years compared to warehousing.
Spiral Cellar Construction Video:

From Dream To Concept To Reality

We blend your vision, your architect’s plans and our flair for high-end design to give you a stunning space that will vibrant and memorable.

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