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What are the Optimum Wine Storage Conditions?

Wine Storage

04 Jun What are the Optimum Wine Storage Conditions?

If you are a wine connoisseur and like to buy and collect wines, you know how crucial it is to store them right. Not only is it important to store them in the right position, but you also had to ensure that a number of other conditions are appropriate too. Here are 6 aspects which matter a great deal when it comes to optimum wine storage.

Factors to Consider for Optimum Wine Storage

#1 Temperature

The ideal temperature for wine storage is in the 12°C – 18°C range, although a couple of degrees warmer or cooler will not cause your wine to come to any harm. While this is the acceptable temperature range, once you have chosen a particular temperature, it should remain stable with no dramatic intra-day fluctuations in it. You do not want your wine to go from 12°C to 18°C and back again from day to night as can happen if your wine is stored in the garage. Wine is a highly complex and delicate balance of amino acids, carbohydrates, phenols and a number of other chemical compounds that react with each other when wine ages. A chemical or physical change impacts this balance and so a stable and constant temperature is crucial in maintaining the quality of the wine.

Apart from humidity, temperature and temperature stability is one of the most important storage requirements. Interestingly, even if there is a dramatic fluctuation in temperature, it will not impact the quality of your wines, as long as the fluctuation is short-lived. This is primarily because the glass bottle has thermal insulating properties. But if the temperature is high for several hours at one shot and then very low for a few more hours, it will definitely have a negative impact on the wines

#2 Humidity

The humidity levels should be in the 60-80% range. Cork is a natural material and even if the bottle is set on its side, the cork will deteriorate over a period of time. If the air is excessively dry, the cork top will dry, shrink or crack and more air will come in contact with the wine. In addition, if there are temperature fluctuations, it will worsen the condition of the cork.

This damage is not going to take place overnight, but it is sure to take place. Higher humidity levels will prevent the cork from drying out. Even levels above 80% will not impact the wine or cork negatively, but it can encourage mold and mildew growth which will damage the wine labels as well as your storage area

#3 Ventilation

Wine must be stored in an environment that is odour-free. Since a certain amount of air will get into the wine via the cork, over time, the molecules of odour will also permeate the wine. Odours such as those from cleaning solutions, fresh paint as well as a number of food products such as garlic and onion will affect the wine

#4 Darkness

Light tends to break down complex molecules which are responsible for some of the flavors in wines that have been aged properly. The dark color of wine bottles is very effective in keeping out the UV rays. Low-level lighting doesn’t harm wine; but it’s important to keep it away from direct sunlight

#5 Vibrations

There is different schools of thought about this particular aspect affects wine. Some purists will insist that any kind of vibrations will impact the bouquet and flavor. This is a fact if the wine is at a “drinking stage”. Old red wines will need a few days of rest in an upright position (this allows the sediment to settle). However, there isn’t much evidence about how relevant this is at the storage stage. As long as there are no persistent and strong vibrations, your wine should be fine.

#6 Security

This is also an important factor. When you have a sophisticated cellar, you want to be sure that your wine is safe from damage caused by fire or equipment failure. Theft is another aspect you should a take into consideration when you think of security of your wines.

Opt for a Home Wine Cellar

Wine enthusiasts and collectors invest a significant amount of money and time in their reds and whites. This makes it important to have a very reliable home wine cellar. The one way to ensure your precious collection is stored safely and in optimum conditions is to opt for Signature Cellars’ medium-large scale wine cellar solutions for residences. Call us with your requirement on 0412 521 226. You can also use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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