Storage Solutions for Large Format Wine Bottles
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Magnum Size Wine Bottles – Some Storage Solutions

storage solutions for large format wine bottles

08 Apr Magnum Size Wine Bottles – Some Storage Solutions

A true wine aficionado can never get enough of wine – no matter where they travel; it’s as if they have an in-built GPS that directs them to the closest wine store. Unlike common folks, they literally scour various famous locales for fine wines and while they do pick up standard Bordeaux-size bottles, many also end up buying the bigger and heavier wine bottles that a number of wineries now sell.

The problem is that these wine goliaths don’t really fit in most of the standard racks that are specifically designed for smaller bottles. Not everyone has wine cellars in their homes; and if you don’t have some allocated space for these magnums, you will find that you just have to stop buying more till you have used up some that you already have in stock.

Many people who start collecting wines don’t anticipate that their wine collection would billow to a point where they would find themselves struggling for storage space. While most people manage to accommodate the standard-size bottles, it’s the larger format bottles that don’t fit on any racks that they may already have in their homes. This is a very common problem most serious wine collectors face. But there’s no reason to lose hope.

Interesting wine storage solutions

Regardless of what your restrictions or requirements are, there are a number of wine storage solutions that would be perfect for those large format bottles you have an affinity for. Here are some storage solutions for large-format bottles:

Modular cube storage

You will find ready-made stackable wine cubes. Since they are modular you have the option to build them to the height and width you need; this means you will be able to fit them into most spaces in your home. You will find that this type of cuboidal storage is able to accommodate even the larger-sized bottles. These racks could be made of pine or hardwood; and you can either paint/stain them to complement the décor in your home.

Custom-built rack

If you are deciding to build on your collection of magnum-sized wine bottles, you should seriously consider getting a custom-built rack made for them; that way you are sure to have sufficient space for the larger Pinot Noir or Champagne bottles. Ideally, you should get a rack that can be positioned either vertically or horizontally; this makes it more versatile and you would be able to place it wherever you like.

Think neck-to-neck

Well that isn’t a storage solution per se; but if you typically stock only a few large format bottles at any given point of time, and don’t feel you want to dedicate an entire space/corner to storing them, you may want to consider displaying them on a wall-mounted rack.

These racks have an innovative design, and are built to hold the bottles at the neck. When you are buying these or getting them made, just ensure that the holes are wide enough to comfortably hold the bottle necks and pay attention to the unit’s weight restrictions.

Use your creativity

It’s also possible to create unique, custom storage spaces; you can build a corner shelf unit or can have a diamond rack design for your bulk storage. If you find there is a lot of temperature and humidity fluctuation in your home, you may want to consider getting a credenza or a Le Cache cabinet. Many of these have cooling units, but they look like furniture.

The cabinets will also protect your wines from vibrations and you will be able to stock a larger number of large format wines in them. For any information about wine cellars and cellaring wine, call Signature Cellars at 02 9340 7515. Alternatively, simply use this contact form to connect with us and we will get back to you shortly.

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