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Use the Right Wood Racks in Your Custom Built Wine Cellar

pick the right wood racks for your custom built wine cellar

16 Dec Use the Right Wood Racks in Your Custom Built Wine Cellar

When it comes to getting a custom built cellar designed, you want to ensure that the best, most practical and aesthetically appealing materials and features are used in the installation. Most people prefer wooden racks to store their wines. While there are a number of wood species that can be used to build your custom wine cellar, Mahogany, Redwood and Pine are some of the most popular.

Every wood species has certain unique attributes and the one you pick for your wine cellar will largely be dependent on whether or not you’re getting a cooling system installed. Let’s take a closer look at the attributes of these 3 wood species for the wood racks in your custom built wine cellar and how they stand up against each other:

Most popular wood species


This is a very economical option; however, you can use it only if you’re planning on getting a climate-controlled cellar installed. One of the primary advantages of pine is that it can easily be stained to match the rest of the features in your cellar.


This is a hardwood species that’s available in two variants – All Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. The aspect to keep in view here is that since these wood species has natural oils, it’s very difficult to stain. Premium Redwood isn’t as expensive as All Heart Redwood and it also has far more variations in the grain and colour, compared to the latter which has more consistent grain and is much darker too. It’s far better to leave this wood unfinished; the natural preservatives it contains, lends its resilience and it is able to withstand the humid conditions that exist in a wine cellar.


This wood is ideal for wine cellar construction because it’s strong and durable. It doesn’t swell or warp and is moisture-resistant, which makes it suitable for cellars that have climate-controlled systems. If you want a highly finished look in your wine cellar, Mahogany is a great choice, because it lends itself beautifully to staining and lacquering applications.

You would also have to focus on the kind of styling you want. To a certain extent, that would decide which wood you should opt for. For instance, if you prefer a cellar with more modernistic/contemporary styling, a very dark wood species such as Mahogany would look a little out of sync. On the other hand if you are using a more classic design style for your cellar, a darker wood will and add drama to the room. Always look for wood that’s durable and strong and the design of the racks should be planned well in order to bear the weight of your wine bottles. Even as you concentrate on achieving the right look in your wine cellar design, don’t ignore aspects such as durability and functionality.

The customised approach

Your custom wine cellar designers will have detailed discussions with you and understand what kind of styling and design features you prefer. They will also take into account the kind of finishes and stains you want and will then provide detailed information about the different wood species and what their pros and cons are. This will help you make a more well-informed decision about the types of racks you want in your custom wine cellar.

For any information about cellaring wine and getting custom-designed wine cellars installed, call Signature Cellars at this number 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We will provide you customised cellar design and installation services, and will ensure that the solutions we provide are right in line with your preferences and taste.

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