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Wine Glass Types – Understanding More About Them

wine glass types

03 Feb Wine Glass Types – Understanding More About Them

When you start building a wine collection, and want to savour your wines in the right manner, you begin building your wine glasses collection too. And anyone that has even a remote interest in wines knows there are different types glasses for different wines. Here is a guide that can help you learn a little more about the different wine glass types:

Wine Glass – The Components

  • Almost all wine glasses have a bowl, stem and a base. However, you will now find a range of stemless wine glasses on the market as well.
  • The base allows the glass to stand in an upright position.
  • The stem is what you hold the glass with; when you grip the glass at the stem, it prevents your hands from warming the wine. It’s also a great way to prevent the bowl from getting smudged as that can distract you from the visual enjoyment of your wine.
  • The bowl serves an important purpose and there are many variations in this feature.

Different Shapes and Sizes

  • Every style of wine glass will be shaped in a slightly different manner, based on the wine it is to be used for. A good wine glass will also be shaped correctly so it directs the wine to the point in your mouth where its taste and flavour will be most appreciated.
  • In comparison to the base of the bowl, all wine glasses taper upwards and form a slightly narrow opening. This particular shape helps in capturing and distributing the wine’s aroma towards your nose and mouth.
  • In all the different types of glasses (for both white and red wine), the bowl should be sufficiently large, so that the wine can be swirled. This opens more of its surface up to the air and helps release its aromas. While it may seem that swirling wine is only for the haughty wine drinkers or wine connoisseurs; the fact is that it serves quite an important purpose.
  • Red wine glasses’ bowls are rounder and fuller and have a larger opening. You might want Burgundy as well as Bordeaux glasses for your reds. The latter are taller with smaller bowls while Burgundy glasses aren’t as tall, but have a wider bowl. These are used for any full-bodied wine such as Pinot Noir.
  • A white wine glass’ bowl is more upright and has a U-shape. For younger white wines you can use glasses with a slightly wider opening, and straighter & taller glasses are perfect for more mature whites.
  • Sparkling wine glasses (flutes) are narrower and more upright – these help capture the beverage’s flavour and retain the carbonation.
  • Dessert wine glasses should be much smaller as they have higher alcohol content and the smaller size makes for a perfect serving.

Wine Glass Materials

When you are purchasing wine glasses, look for smooth and clear ones as these will allow you to truly appreciate the colour and texture of the wine. The best & most practical wine glasses are made either of crystal or very thin glass.

It is believed that thicker glass affects the taste of the wine and creates a much larger lip which prevents you from sipping the wine properly. The number and types of wine glasses you buy is dependent on your personal preference, and you can use the information above to choose the kind of glasses you want.

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