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The Most Notable Australian Rose Wines

australian rose wines

19 May The Most Notable Australian Rose Wines

While many wine lovers will stick to their reds and whites, rosé wines have a special touch of their own. They make the perfect accompaniment to various summery foods and taste amazing with pretty much anything ranging from slow-cooked ribs to garlic-flavoured fish dishes. Pink sparkling wine is amazing as well; this is especially true if the wines are produced from premium cool-climate grapes and have been given sufficient time to develop their distinctive complex flavours.

If you want something more full-bodied and robust, you should consider the deeply fruit and magenta-coloured rose wines produced in warmer regions such as Barossa or McLaren Vale; these wines go amazingly well with foods like Kangaroo fillet; and fizzy pink wines are an excellent accompaniment to various summer-fruit based desserts.

While there is a variety of rose wines grown in Australia, the pale pink, dry rose are the ones that Australian winemakers excel in. Over the last decade there have been quite a number of new additions to this style of wine and producers across the country are making it.

Notable rose wines

These wines are made from a wide variety of grapes ranging from hot country Grenache, savoury & sturdy nebbiolo and floral to delicate pinot noir. Needless to say, the rose wines produced in our country today can please the most discerning palate. Here we look at some of the most notable rose wines Australia produces:

2014 Castagna Allegro (Victoria)

This is a wild-yeast fermented and bio-dynamically grown wine. It is a dry wine that’s barrel aged and has a very seductive and luxurious texture with distinct notes of hedgerow berries that makes it a very alluring wine. The 2010 Castagna Sparkling Allegro is another superb wine you should try.

2005 Arras Rosé, (Tasmania)

This is a fizzy pink wine that’s extremely serious about what it is. It has complex flavours such as brioche, hazelnut and rosehip that can impress even a seasoned wine lover.

2014 Holly’s Garden Ramato (Victoria)

This copper-coloured wine is produced from Pinot Gris grape juice that’s fermented along with the dark grape skins for some time. This is a perfect balance of a light pink and full-bodied white and has a dry yet rich texture.

2015 High Noon, from McLaren Vale (South Australia)

This wine is sold right at the cellar door when the winery opens for a very brief period in mid-November. But this full-bodied, rich, spicy and full-flavoured wine is amazing to the last sip. It pairs well with Mediterranean grilled dishes.

2015 Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz Rosé (South Australia)

There are a number of pink wines to choose from, but not all of them are consistently good. In comparison, the Nine Vines offers excellent value. It is made from early-picked Shiraz and Grenache which lend balance and freshness to the wine, with just a slight tinge of spice.

2015 Soumah Brachetto d’Soumah (Victoria)

The brachetto grape which is native to Northern Italy isn’t very commonly found in Australian wine regions. However, it is used in this wine that has a spicy, pretty and herbal scent with the perfect blend of ripe grapy freshness.

In addition to these, the other notable Australian rose wines are the Innocent Bystander Moscato, De Bortoli La Bohéme Act Two, the 2015 Spinifex Rosé, the 2014 Ngeringa Rosé, 2015 Sutton Grange Winery Fairbank Rosé and the 2015 Freeman Rondo Rondinella Rosé,.

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