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10 Vermouths That Are a Must-Try

must-try Vermouths

09 Jun 10 Vermouths That Are a Must-Try

Vermouth is an aromatized and fortified wine; it’s spiked with brandy, sweetened and infused with spices and herbs. There are two primary variants – red (sweet) vermouth, that’s originally from Italy, & white (dry) vermouth, that first made an appearance in France; dry vermouth’s hallmark ingredient is Wormwood.

Like amaro, Vermouth used to initially be marketed for medicinal purposes. But that soon changed and it started being served with a twist of citrus as an aperitif. Eventually, vermouth found its way into some iconic cocktails and is comfortably ensconced in bars across the world. Here is a list of 10 must-try vermouths:

The 10 Must-try Vermouths

#1 Oscar.697 Extra Dry

This Italian vermouth is a great example of the new generation of Italian wine producers reimagining vermouth flavours as well as the packaging of their drinks. This dry vermouth has savoury, oaky and subtle herbal aromas that are delicious to say the least.

#2 Carpano Antica Formula

This antique Italian vermouth was developed in 1786 in Turin and is officially recognised as the very first commercial vermouth. It has a very spicy, extremely intricate smell and flavours that are medicinal, savoury and herbal on the tongue.

#3 Mt. Edward Vermouth

This is probably New Zealand’s first new-wave Vermouth. This wine is made from Riesling and chenin blanc and is infused with thyme, elderflower and wormwood; it has a very floral, delicate and lovely style.

#4 Yzaguirre Rojo Reserva Vermouth

This is a delicious, tangy and dark Spanish wine that’s the perfect pre-dinner drink.

#5 Ravensworth Outlandish Claims

The ACT produced wine is an amazingly satisfying and complex drink that evokes the old world charm of vermouth and many other wines that have herbal infusions; it’s a rick, bitter and dark wine that’s a pleasure to drink.

#6 Maidenii Unfiltered Dry Vermouth

The La Tonique Quinquina produced in Victoria is an unfiltered dry vermouth that’s infused with cinchona bark; it is slightly cloudy and sensational and has a citrusy, unfiltered flavour.

#7 Jones Winery Correll, Rutherglen (Victoria)

This pretty and gently sweet wine is produced in Victoria; it has an infusion of juniper, star anise and orange rind and is delicious when served chilled over ice.

#8 Dolin Rouge Vermouth, Chambéry

The French wine is one of the oldest vermouth labels in France. It has very mature and spicy aromas and a tawny colour with a very distinctive and noticeable savoury flavour.

#9 Marcarini Chinato

This is an aromatised wine produced in Italy, and has gentian and cinchona bark flavours. Its works very well as a post-prandial digestif.

#10 Turkey Flat Quinquina

Intensely sweet with flavours of green tea and hints of lychee and orange rind, this South Australian wine is delicious when served as an aperitif.

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