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Top 10 Australian Reds

Top 10 Australian Reds

30 Jun Top 10 Australian Reds

Over the past decade Australia has made its mark on the global wine making scene and many noted wine makers now produce premium wines that would be an excellent addition to your cellar. Here is a list of top 10 Australian Reds:

Top Australian Reds

#1 The “Owl Syrah”, Adelaide Hills, SA

This is quite a distinctive red which doesn’t have to be drunk early. It is an age-worthy wine that will be as ravishing a few years down the line as it is today. It is an amazing and flavourful mix of black berries and black pepper as well as black tannin.

#2 Lowe Tinja shiraz (preservative free), Mudgee, NSW

Wine drinkers often wonder whether preservative-free wines would be as delicious as standard wines. The fact is that some preservative-free wines such as this one are delectable to the core; it’s a medium-bodied, juicy, and well-balanced fruity wine that has very refreshing tannin.

#3 Eldridge Estate (PTG), Mornington Peninsula, VIC

This wine has been modelled on burgundy’s Passetoutgrains; it’s a delicious blend of gamay and pinot noir with snappy tannin and juicy cherry fruit flavours. This wine tastes best when slightly chilled.

#4 Boovability Chateaubriand Petit Verdot, Rylstone, NSW

Petit Verdot wines are known to be full-bodied inky wines that need a few years on the rack before you drink them; but this one is truly a charmer – it’s slurpable and bright even when its young and makes an excellent addition to your wine cellar.

#5 Oakridge Meunier, Yarra Valley, VIC

When you taste this wine, it makes you wonder why more winemakers in Australia aren’t planting this grape variety and producing wines such as this one. It has medium body and colour and a large amount of sweet compost and berry compote flavours.

#6 La violetta nova syrová, WA

This is an amazing blend of mourvèdre, pinot, shiraz, grenache, and nebbiolo, looks very pale in the glass and has a very fragrant and soft, vanilla-powdery kind of flavour at the start, but as you sip through it, you will notice it’s delicious and slurpy all at once.

#7 Mr Mick Novo Sangiovese, Clare Valley, SA

This is a medium-bodied, fragrant and pretty purple wine that has a bit of gamy tannin in it. It pairs very well with wood-fired pizzas.

#8 Get in My Belly Grenache, Barossa Valley, SA

This is a very warm and earthy wine that has a spicy perfume and supple tannin flavours. It goes very well with BBQ ribs.

#9 Shadowfax Mondeuse, Werribee, VIC

The mondeuse red grape is a native of France and is now grown in vineyards in Werribee, just south-west of Melbourne. This wine is vivid purple in colour and tangy and crunchy all at once.

#10 Bobar Syrah, Yarra Valley, VIC

This wine has two halves that are both distinctive in their own way – at the outset, it comes across as spritzy, angular and pale and soon moves into a more silky, lovely, noir mode and has the flavour of autumnal berries.

Stock them well

While there are many more notable reds produced in Australia, these were the ones we thought deserved a mention, especially on account of their distinctive backgrounds and unique flavouring. When you purchase great wines, you also want to make sure that you have a good storage space for them. Getting a custom cellar designed and built in your home is one way to ensure your favourite wines have a good and safe place to mature in.

For information about custom wine cellar design and installation, you can call Signature Cellars on 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to assist you and provide custom solutions that match your requirements.

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