Should You Opt For Modern Or Traditional Wine Cellar Design?
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Should You Opt For Modern Or Traditional Wine Cellar Design?

modern wine cellar design

09 Nov Should You Opt For Modern Or Traditional Wine Cellar Design?

There are a number of aspects to keep in view when you are getting your custom wine cellar designed. There are many different wine cellar design trends to choose from and the one you opt for would largely depend on your personal preferences as well as the overall styling and décor of your home.

For example, if your home is largely designed on a contemporary or modernistic style, a custom cellar that is designed on a typical traditional or Victorian style may not blend in well with the overall aesthetic of your property. In fact, it may mar the look of the rest of the installations and features in your home as well. Similarly, if your décor and interior design style lean towards a more traditional aesthetic, a very modern-looking wine cellar may not look appealing at all.

When you hire the services of custom wine cellar designers, you can rest assured that they’ll take your personal preferences, and the overall ambience of your home into account while creating plans. However, it’s a good idea to have some understanding of both, modern or traditional wine cellar design styles.

About Traditional Wine Cellars

Traditional wine cellar design would include a number of features such as:

  • Use of warm hardwood racks
  • Intricate details
  • Natural stone
  • Hardwood floors
  • Custom brickwork
  • Exotic tiles
  • Barrelled ceilings
  • Rolling ladders

The different types of wood species that are used to build custom racks for traditionally styled wine cellars include Toasted Maple, African mahogany, and Teak etc. In fact, many other similar hardwoods and exotic woods hold up very well in wine cellar environments.

About Modern Wine Cellars

A modern wine cellar will be intrinsically different from a traditional or conventional design concept. There may be very minimal or no wooden features and intricate detailing. In fact, the features will have cleaner lines, thinner profiles and will be sleeker too.

There will be extensive use of stainless steel or chrome finishes, with etched or frosted glass as well as metal racks. In fact, there could be some frameless glass dividers or frontages as well. In some instances, a modern wine cellar may be a seamless extension of the living areas rather than a basement installation.

About Traditional Wine Cellars

If you feel that you want a wine cellar that borrows equally from traditional and modernistic styles, your designer would be able to create a transitional design plan. This hybrid design concept would blend modern and traditional features in a balanced manner. For example, you may have a hardwood floor with wooden racks touching the floor, while the upper racks may be made of metal. There could be clever use of glass and wood rather than chrome or steel edging and borders.

The Right Lighting Matters

When it comes to wine cellar design, the finishing touches matter a great deal. This includes aspects such as lighting which needs to be chosen with great care. If you opt for a modern style, white light might be a better option. On the other hand, if you choose a traditional wine cellar design, soft yellow lights would create a stunning effect.

It also important that you choose your furniture with care while focusing on the design aspect of your wine cellar. Even modern style furniture can be comfortable and this is something you should prioritise why getting your custom wine cellar designed.

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