Building a Wine Cellar? - Here Are Some Aspects to Keep In View
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Building a Wine Cellar? – Here Are Some Aspects to Keep In View

building a wine cellar

11 Oct Building a Wine Cellar? – Here Are Some Aspects to Keep In View

Today, having an extensive collection of wine at home isn’t uncommon. Several property owners are now incorporating wine cellars into their new home build plans. It isn’t a bad idea to store a few great bottles of wine for times when friends or family visit. However, before you install a wine cellar, there are several aspects that you have to take into consideration, such as:

1. Your Wine Cellars Doesn’t Have To Be Underground

You can now place your wine cellar at any place inside your house, as all it requires is proper insulation. There’s a misconception that the ideal location for a cellar is under the ground, at the centre of your home, as it is relatively cooler. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case as it can result in several technical difficulties.

The perfect location for installing a wine cellar is close to an external wall. You can build your custom wine cellar in any area of your house. For example, you can get it installed near your kitchen, dining area, or near an entertainment space. You can even create a unique feature by installing your cellar near the entrance of your house.

2. You’ll Need To Install A Wine Cellar Conditioner

Advanced wine cellar systems are capable of recreating the conditions that are essential for wine storage. This allows you to build your custom cellar at any location in your home. Wines require consistent low temperatures and a certain level of humidity that regular air conditioners are not equipped to handle.

Several homeowners neglect the importance of a custom wine cellar conditioner. The misconception is that basement temperatures remain relatively cool and stable. Australians summers are incredibly hot, and not even the shelter of your basement can save your wines if you do not have a temperature control system in place. Although the winter months are rather chilly, the constant change in the temperature is harmful to your wines.

3. Allocate The Space Carefully

While designing the wine cellar, you must determine how much space you need for the bottles. The ideal guide is one square metre/100 bottles per. However, it is also essential to keep in mind that wine collection is an expensive hobby. For example, if you design a 1000-bottle cellar, and each bottle costs $40 on average, it’ll cost you $40,000 to fill your cellar. Although cellars in big houses are incredibly striking, it takes a great deal of time to source and store the perfect wines.

4. A Wine Cellar Requires Insulation

Several things have to be taken into consideration while designing your cellar, or you can easily triple the load of the air-conditioner. Proper insulation, thermal protection, as well as heat resistance equal to R 2.86, are crucial for wine cellar conditioners. Proper insulation guarantees that your cellar conditioner works efficiently.

Although several homeowners prefer installing a glass door in their cellar, it doesn’t provide adequate insulation. However, if you still feel like going with glass, consider installing a double-glazed, energy-rated, argon filled door.

5. Wine Cellar Cost

It will cost you anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000 to build a wine cellar. However, this is just a rough estimate. Here’s a breakdown of all costs involved:

  • Insulation costs roughly around $60 per square metre.
  • A high-quality wine cellar conditioner costs approximately $6000 to $7500.
  • There’s a wide variation in wine rack pricing. What you choose will depend entirely on the material used and your specific requirements.

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