Aspects To Keep In View When Restoring Your Custom Wine Cellar
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Aspects To Keep In View When Restoring Your Custom Wine Cellar

aspects to keep in view when restoring your custom wine cellar

25 Feb Aspects To Keep In View When Restoring Your Custom Wine Cellar

If you feel your wine cellar needs to be revamped, the project would need proper planning and budgeting. Sometimes, even carefully designed wine cellars that have been built using high-grade materials end up deteriorating over the years. In some instances, homeowners just want a change and consider remodelling and restoring these spaces.

Steps to Follow in Wine Cellar Restoration

It’s true that you would want to focus on aesthetics and create a wine cellar that looks charming and elegant. However, you’d have to focus on several other things while getting your wine cellar restored and here we look at what they are:

  • Consider metal racks – If you have wooden racks and are planning on replacing them, opt for metal ones. Although wood has a classic appearance, it absorbs vibrations and transfers them to the bottles. One of the primary rules of wine storage is that they need to be stored in a vibration-free environment.

    Constant minor movements can affect the wine’s natural aging process, affecting flavour, aroma, and quality. If your home is in a busy neighbourhood where heavy vehicles pass through, the wooden racking system would not be able to support the bottles well and they might just roll out of the racks and get shattered on the floor.

  • Use a two-bottle deep system – In this system, you must build your wall-mounted racks in a way that you have to lift the bottles a couple of inches while bringing them out. This design significantly reduces the risk of the bottles falling out of the racks due to heavy jolts.
  • Check insulation – Your wine bottles need a well-insulated environment to keep them in good condition. So, when you are getting your wine cellar restored, check the insulation to ensure its ship-shape. Vulnerabilities can compromise your wine bottle quality so take the opportunity to inspect and assess the insulation quality and condition while remodelling the space.
  • Use the Best Materials – It’s important to opt for high-grade materials when you are restoring your wine cellar. After all, you do not want to go through the process of renovating and remodelling your wine cellar every now and then. It causes disruption and your collection of wines would have to be relocated to a suitable place while the project is in progress.
  • Opt for Custom Design Solutions – Every home is unique and each homeowner will have very specific wine storage requirements. It’s why you must consult with expert custom wine cellar designers. These skilled experts will work with you; take the time to understand your ideas and vision for the place before coming up with designs and layouts that work best for your needs. You can discuss all your requirements with them so they will design the perfect racking systems. You can take the opportunity to get scalable racking systems designed so that you can add storage in the future, as your wine collection grows.

They will also show you various material options to find something that appeals to your tastes. These professionals will also design and plan the space so that you can use it optimally, getting excellent return on investment. If you need some wine cellar furniture for a tasting area, they will plan and design that too. They will also make sure that the lighting, humidity and temperature control systems are in order and you get a wine cellar that’s perfect in every way.

Consult the Custom Wine Cellar Specialists

We at Signature Cellars are a leading company in this space and offer customised solutions to our clients, we work systematically and take the time to understand your preferences and will also assess and inspect the existing space and features in it. Our team will then provide their inputs while keeping your vision and budget in view.

We also complete the wine cellar restoration project within the stipulated timeframe. Our company is committed to providing our clients value for money and offer custom wine cellar solutions that are truly unique in every way.

To find out how Signature Cellars can help you design custom, contemporary, classic or spiral wine cellars and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email, and we will respond shortly. Our team is here to help with every aspect of wine cellar planning and design; they will help you choose the perfect materials and fixtures too.

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Neil Smallman
Signature Cellars
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