What Are Rose Wines And What's So Speiclal About Them?
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What Are Rose Wines?

what are rose wines

13 Aug What Are Rose Wines?

Ask a wine lover whether they need a reason for wine, and they will vociferously disagree. Regardless of the wine variety you prefer, that preference itself is the reason. Despite this, some people believe that certain wines require justification, and Rose is one of them. This wine has always been and is popular in France. However, in the 1970s, it was pushed into the shadows when Zinfandel entered the scene. This sweet wine soon became the preferred summertime drink, and Rose began to lose its blush by then.

What is Rose Wine?

Many people believe that Rose is a combination of red and white wines, but that is a misconception because Rose has a specific genre. Although the same grapes made to produce red and white wines are used in Rose production, the processing differs. The grape juices are white or clear, and the skins lend it colour. Leaving the skins in contact with the skins for a more extended period produces red wines.

In white wine production, the skins are removed immediately from the juice. Allowing the skin to be in contact with the fluid for a short period produces Rose wine. The longer this duration, the darker the Rose. These wines range in colour from copper to pale pink but are never red. Most Rose wines produced in Europe are dry, but certain varieties produced outside Europe are semi-sweet.

What’s So Special about Rose?

Many things make Rose special, such as:

  • Rose is consumed mainly during summer because it has a lighter flavour and is perfect to beat the heat.
  • It pairs well with various summertime foods that are not as heavy as foods eaten during winter.
  • It can be served at elegant dinner parties and is an excellent accompaniment for grilled foods at backyard get-togethers. Many Rose’ wines work well with spring, fall and winter foods.
  • As mentioned, most winter meals pair well with red wines or, if red meat is not included in the entrée, you can serve white too. However, if you are serving a lighter fare during winter, a Rose will complement it well and the wine will not overwhelm the food.


Does Rose Wine Age Well?

Unlike red wines, Rose wines don’t age well, and it’s best to consume the wine before it reaches the 3-year mark. This wine will not mellow over the years, and it is not an investment wine. It’s also why you will rarely find Rose wines older than three years. It’s best to consume Rose wines when they are fresh. Keep them for too long, and they will lose their freshness, acidity, and flavour and will taste bland and “off”.

The Cost Factor

Rose has an underserved reputation, and the wine community can be pretty snobbish at times; these aspects make Rose a good buy. It isn’t challenging to find Southern France Rose wine bottles in the range of $16 to $25, which is an excellent post-import price. If you are a novice wine lover, Rose is a great way to get started without burning a hole in your pocket.

Although there are quite a few fantastic Roses out there, there are some lousy ones too, just like lousy whites and reds. It’s essential to recognise that a wine genre does not guarantee excellent or good quality wine, and it doesn’t always indicate poor quality either.

Like all other wines, Rose too needs proper storage conditions and keeping them in a custom wine cellar with all your reds and whites will ensure its flavour, colour, and condition stay intact.

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