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Demystifying The Little-Known Mataro Wine

mataro wine

07 Mar Demystifying The Little-Known Mataro Wine

The world of wine boasts a dazzling array of grape varietals, each contributing its unique character to the final product. Among these lies Mataro, a captivating red grape with a rich history and bold personality, often overshadowed by its more well-known counterparts.

Today, we will uncover the secrets of this fascinating grape, exploring its origins, characteristics, and potential to tantalize your taste buds.

A Global Grape With A Spanish Soul

Mataro, also known as Mourvèdre and Monastrell, boasts a history intertwined with the sun-drenched landscapes of Spain. Its origins are believed to be traced back to the Balearic Islands, specifically Mallorca, where it thrived for centuries. From there, it journeyed to mainland Spain, finding a home in regions like Catalonia and Priorat, where it contributes significantly to the famed blends of the area.

Mataro’s Journey of Adaptation

Mataro’s adventurous spirit led it to explore vineyards beyond Spain’s borders. France embraced the grape, particularly in the Southern Rhône Valley, where it forms the backbone of the powerful and complex GSM blends alongside Grenache and Syrah.

With its warm climate, Australia proved particularly well-suited for Mataro, becoming a prominent player in the renowned GSM blends alongside Shiraz and Grenache. California also welcomed the grape, initially using it for bulk wines but experiencing a recent resurgence in appreciation for its unique qualities.

This Fantastic Grape Grew From Humble Beginnings To Star Potential

Mataro has had a fascinating journey in the wine world. Initially, it was primarily used in anonymous blends for everyday consumption. However, a shift in perspective has occurred. Winemakers are starting to recognize its potential as a single-varietal wine, producing wines that showcase its vibrant personality. Additionally, its ability to add structure and complexity to blends has earned it renewed respect, solidifying its place in the world of fine wines.

Mataro’s Enticing Profile

For adventurous wine enthusiasts, Mataro offers a truly captivating experience. It typically unveils itself in your glass with a deep, almost inky purple hue. It offers a delightful interplay of aromas, ranging from dark fruits like blackberry, plum, and blueberry to enticing notes of spice like black pepper and thyme. Hints of floral notes like violet and savoury elements like leather and earth can add complexity to the bouquet.

Upon sipping, Mataro reveals its full-bodied nature, often high in alcohol and tannins. These bold characteristics are balanced by a refreshing acidity that keeps the palate lively. The flavour profile echoes the aromas, with an explosion of dark fruit flavours intertwined with peppery spice and savoury nuances. Young Mataro wines might exhibit a slight “gamey” quality, which mellows out with age, giving way to more subtle earth and leather notes.

Food Pairings To Complement Mataro’s Boldness

Mataro’s bold character demands equally bold food pairings. Grilled meats like lamb chops, ribeye steak, and sausages stand up well to the wine’s tannins and acidity. Hearty stews, casseroles, and dishes with rich tomato sauces also find a perfect partner in Mataro. For vegetarians, consider pairing it with portobello mushroom burgers, lentil stews, or roasted vegetables with herbs and spices.

The Future of Mataro

As winemakers continue to explore the potential of Mataro, its future appears bright. Its ability to thrive in warm climates makes it particularly relevant in a changing climate. Additionally, the growing appreciation for complex and flavorful wines presents a perfect opportunity for Mataro to shine. Whether enjoyed as a single varietal or lending its unique character to blends, Mataro promises to captivate the palates of adventurous wine lovers for years to come.

Get Adventurous With Your Wine Quest

The next time you browse the wine aisle, venture beyond the familiar and seek out a bottle of Mataro. With its captivating history, alluring character, and food-friendly versatility, Mataro is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Let this bold grape take you on a sensory adventure and broaden your appreciation for the diverse world of wines.

To store your Mataro and other fantastic wines, consider building a custom wine cellar, temperature-controlled and designed to hold all your bottles for short and long-term storage. For more information about how we can help with custom wine cellar planning and installation, please call the Signature Cellars team at 1300 570 636 to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

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