Why Wine Cellars are a must have for a Luxury Home
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Why Wine Cellars are a must have for a Luxury Home

Why Wine Cellars are a Must Have for a Luxury Home

30 Apr Why Wine Cellars are a must have for a Luxury Home

In the past, wine cellars were for the serious wine aficionado only and were dark, un-inhabitable spaces that had bottles of wine stuffed into cubbyholes, gathering dust and cobwebs. At that time, the focus was more on function rather than form. But that age is past: Today, increasing numbers of everyday people consider wine collection to be a passion, hobby and an investment strategy. For this new generation of wine lovers, their wine cellars are showpieces that are structured with beautifully crafted fittings and furniture.

And so you will find most luxury homes and many average homes, now boast a wine cellar. The wine cellar is fast becoming the new must have room in the house, where it once was the entertainer’s open plan kitchen. Some of these cellars are so large that they are more like walk-in wine rooms, capable of holding several thousand bottles. At the very top end of the market, the very wealthiest Australians can spend millions of dollars on their fine wine collection and it is befitting that their luxury home should have a wine cellar that is as upscale as their taste in wine is. However, even for those with more modest incomes and tastes, a wine cellar is no longer a fantasy but very much a realistic and affordable inclusion on the wish list when planning a new home or renovation project.

More Than Just Storage

Current day wine cellars are much more than just storage racks- they are about creating a complete social scene which is part and parcel of collecting and drinking fine wines. Many homes in Australia now sport wine cellars that are outfitted with several square metres of wine racks, comfortable seating and a central table. These spaces become ideal for storing wine in the best possible conditions; but they are also the perfect spots to invite friends over for tasting sessions.

Changing Concepts

Though some of these designs are very simplistic in nature, other are elaborate and opulent in design and are almost like art galleries. Some classy wine cellars have massive glass doors that give you a peek at the rows and rows of wines inside, and many of these are sure to make you stop & stare. Not only is the entire concept of wine cellars changing, but the materials used in them are changing too. For decades timbers such as western red cedar have been used to build traditional and beautiful looking wine cellars. While these are still very popular, today many homeowners are opting for more modern materials like stainless steel, acrylic and glass.

A Must-Have for Luxury Homes

It’s not difficult to guess why wine cellars are a must-have for a luxury home. Wealthy people with good taste find that a wine cellar complements their sophisticated taste and the decor of their home to perfection while the younger generations find it the perfect way to tell the world they have arrived. Modern day wine cellars have evolved in a big way and are stunning showpieces in their own right. They have sumptuous custom made timber joinery with feature lighting and other Bespoke Wine Cellars. Luxury homeowners are going out of their way and splurging on cellars with their long-term wine collection plans in view. These are showpieces, luxury items, and a way of life and investment pieces too.

Stunningly Designed Wine Cellars

Companies like Signature Cellars regularly gets requests from people who own luxury homes, to custom-design wine cellars for them. In some instances, they have distinct ideas about what they want, while at others, the company’s designers provide creative inputs and ideas to build stunning showpieces for them. In addition to the fact that luxury homeowners are now adding wine cellars to their homes for their own enjoyment, they also know that properties that have this feature sell faster.

The Popularity Quotient

There is no doubt about the fact that the age of the custom-designed luxury wine cellar has arrived. Its popularity is underscored by the fact that wine cellars were also very recently featured on the popular reality TV series- “The Block” that is broadcast on Nine Network. In one of its episodes, the winning team- Melbourne’s Darren and Deanne Jolly’s elaborately designed wine cellar won the prize money of $10,000. The design concept of the wine room was detailed and sophisticated and the couple had stocked the cellar with wine bottles from floor to ceiling; and it didn’t cost the earth.

Sophistication and Luxury

Today, when people are looking to purchase a luxury home or just an average home, with a bit of added luxury, a wine cellar could easily be the deciding factor and having this feature is a definite plus. What increases the return on investment is the fact that you are able to enjoy your wines in comfort and style in your own home. It is the latest statement and newest must have feature for the home entertainer! For more information about medium-large scale wine cellar solutions for your home, call Signature Cellars on 02 9340 7515. You can also use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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